Graduation Deadlines for Degree Candidates

Find your commencement date in the first row below. Each of your deadlines fall under that column.

Commencement Date 12.13.2020 5.08.2021 8.07.2021

Last day to "Apply to Graduate" in MyMemphis Portal

9.03.2020 2.04.2021 6.04.2021
Last day to submit Master's, Doctoral, and/or Graduate Certificate Candidacy Form to the Graduation Analyst 9.03.2020 2.04.2021 6.04.2021
Last day to upload defended and corrected thesis or dissertation PDF to ETD (thesis) or ProQuest (dissertation) for Graduate School Graduation Analyst review. All related, required documents are also due to the Graduation Analyst. 11.02.2020 4.02.2021 7.07.2021
Last day for all academic departments to submit comprehensive exam results. Doctoral exams are due one week after grading. 11.13.2020 4.08.2021 7.7.2021
Last day to submit final PDF version of thesis to ETD or dissertation to ProQuest (after Graduation Analyst review) 12.04.2020 4.30.2021 8.04.2021

Visit the Graduation Information page for specific information regarding graduation requirements.