In Conjunction with the the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, the Graduate School Launches a Sci PhD program

As more PhD graduates seek employment outside of academia, it is important to prepare them for work in government and industry. This is precisely why the Graduate School partnered with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center to host an all-day Sci PhD professional development workshop for doctoral students. Graduate students who attended last week's workshop are prepared to develop a competitive, targeted resume. Their resumes match individual research and life experiences to the unique skills sets required of the job they are seeking. Students also learned to apply industry Project Management best practices to their own scientific research project and to their job search.

At the end of the workshop, students were able to leverage communications techniques to build their networks, research important industry and organizational characteristics, and perform well in behavioral-based job interviews. This program takes doctoral students from "over-qualified educationally and under experienced" to "best qualified with relevant experience" by teaching them to emphasize their strengths for a diverse job market. Watch for future announcements in the coming academic year for the next Sci PhD event and prepare yourself for all the career possibilities an advanced degree from the University of Memphis can offer you.