Professional Development Seminars

In collaboration with the Graduate Student Association, the Graduate School is pleased to offer a series of seminars and workshops to help Master's, doctoral and postdoctoral fellows develop and enhance their professional skills to succeed in their current positions and future careers.

All of the workshops are open to any graduate student or postdoc and registration is required.

Fall 2019 Dates and Classes

Rights and Responsibilities of Tenants and Landlords

  • Date: Wednesday, September 4 , 2019, Time: 12-2PM
  • Location: McWherter Library (2nd Floor Commons)
  • Speaker: Brittany Bane, JD 
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Budgeting & Financial Literacy for Graduate Students

  • Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2019, Time: 12PM-2PM 
  • Location:McWherter Library (2nd Floor Commons)
  • Speakers: Drs. Pankaj K Jain and Allison Potter,
    and Kelley Anderson
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The Job Search Process – Focus on Humanities, Business, and STEM

  • Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019,  Time: 12-2PM
  • Location: McWherter Library (2nd Floor Commons)
  • Speakers: Drs. Jada Shipp Meeks, Kathy Tuberville
  • RSVP

Conflict Resolution Training – Ways to Deal with Team Conflict Effectively

  • Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2019, Time: 12-2PM
  • Location: McWherter Library (2nd Floor Commons)
  • Speaker: Dr. Kelly Mollica
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Past Professional Development Seminars

  • Fall 2016:  Resume Building and Leadership Skills
  • Fall 2016: Philanthropic Efforts: Nonprofit Involvement, Volunteerism, and Giving Back
  • Spring 2017:  Personal Branding and Social Networking
  • Spring 2017:  Moving Through Academia as a Minority Student
  • Spring 2017:  How to Write Grants and Publish in Quality Journals
  • Spring 2017:  Life Skills for Life After Graduate School: Interpersonal Skills, Team-Building, and Public Speaking
  • Fall 2017 : Build your Resume and Get Paid: Leadership Opportunity with Peer Power Foundation at University of Memphis
  • Fall 2017: Crafting Successful Academic Cover Letters
  • Spring 2018: Come learn how to advance your career at the GSA Career Link event
  • Spring 2018 : Personal Branding  for Masters and Doctoral Level Students
  • Spring 2018:  Workshop on Grant Writing for Graduate Students
  • Fall 2018: Grant Writing Workshop for Social Science Students
  • Fall 2018: Grant Writing Workshop for STEM Students
  • Fall 2018: More Than Just A Degree: A Discussion on Leadership and Community Engagement

Spring 2019 

  • Constructing a Strong Syllabus Workshop
  • Communicating Effectively with your Mentor/Advisor Workshop
  • Data Science and Machine Learning/AI Jobs in Industries: What Graduate Students Should Care?
  • Doctoral Students & Scholars for Interdisciplinary Research: A Research Roundtable
  • Graduate Student Well-Being & Self-Care Workshop