The Healthy Eating Institute will offer a meal service beginning in 2022.  These ready-to-eat meals will be produced, packaged and available for pick up (Phase 1) and delivery (Phase 2).

The meals will be scientifically designed, nutrient dense (i.e., very high-nutrient content with relatively low calories), chef prepared and delicious. These will be lunch/dinner meals only and simply need to be reheated, no cooking necessary. The meals will be affordable and priced at the lower end of the range found within pre-packaged food service offerings.

Using either the MemphisEats app or website, you will select the meal type and number at the start of each week and pay for the meals. You will also be able to use the electronic resources for nutrition facts, recipes, written materials, discussion forums, and have the ability to join virtual meetings and webinars from leading experts in the field. These ongoing nutrition education offerings will help to foster health-related goals.

For more info:
Marie van der Merwe