Certificates and Continuing Education


sport nutrition icon Sport Nutrition and Dietary Supplementation

Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in Sport Nutrition and Dietary Supplementation is useful for registered dietitians/nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and healthcare providers (e.g., nurses, pharmacists) who may receive questions from athletes or patients specific to the topics of sport nutrition and dietary supplementation.

Sport Science Icon Sport Science

Professional Education Certification (coming soon)

The Professional Education Certification in Sport Science offered through our Human Performance Center provides a bridge from formal study to actual application in the workplace. The certification is specifically designed for the exercise science student and others with formal education who have limited practical experience in a sport science setting. This includes individuals with aspirations of working in sport science, strength and conditioning, athletic training and athlete support, and those who desire to work directly with sport coaches and athletes in performance settings.

Surgical Technology Icon Surgical Technology


In partnership with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, we offer a 15-month Surgical Technology program as part of the University of Memphis MLH Associate Advancement Program (MAAP). Surgical technologists, sometimes referred to as scrub techs or operating room technicians, are an important part of medical teams, assisting medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers in performing surgical procedures. Most surgical technologists work in hospitals, although some may work in outpatient care centers or physician's offices.