Welcome from the School Dean


Thank you for your consideration of an investment in the College of Health Sciences. We are honored!
It is because of your investment through dollars and time that we continue to grow in both academics and research to have a positive impact on our students and our community. As an alumnus and/or friend of the College you can partner with us to provide an impact in numerous ways:

  • You can invest in the College of Health Sciences by making a tax deductible gift. Your investments support academic scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, summer research fellowships for graduate students, and laboratory and equipment upgrades to support cutting edge research. You may direct your gift to any area within the College.
  • Serve on our advisory board. Your experience is invaluable and can help us expand our academic and research mission by connecting with important organizations and people.
  • Provide internships for our students. All undergraduate students within the SHS are required to complete an internship experience prior to graduation. This requires that a significant number of qualified internship sites be available for our students to choose from. Please contact Dave Kean, internship coordinator in the College, to learn how you can partner with us.
  • Share your expertise by providing a guest lecture in a certain class or classes. Sharing your expertise with students is the most direct way to impact students' career development.
  • Mentor students. Through classroom participation or one-on-one mentoring, our students seek and require your network, influence, and experience.
  • Hire our graduates.

With your engagement and gifts we can greatly enrich our college and support our community. Alumni and friends are the difference between a good and great school.

I encourage you to contact me with your interest to become more involved in any fashion with the College of Health Sciences. I can be reached at rbloomer@memphis.edu or 901.678.5638.

Best Regards,

Richard J. Bloomer