Master's Degree in Physical Education Teacher Education

The master’s degree program in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) provides a course of study at the graduate level regarding research on teaching in physical education and research on teacher education in physical education. This degree option focuses on the theoretical, methodological and research aspects of teaching and learning in physical education. The program emphasizes contemporary models of instruction, curriculum, assessment, and supervision in physical education.

Some other key aspects of the program:

  • 33-hour program, inclusive of 6 hours of faculty-directed research (thesis or project)
  • Provides a research-centered program for students interested in pursuing advanced graduate study (PhD) in physical education or physical activity in related disciplines (e.g., coaching, health education, community-settings)
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of the PETE field for students who are interested in pursuing PhD studies
  • Provides a strong focus on research methods and statistics relevant to physical education, promoting research understanding regardless of career goal
  • Provides freedom for you to select elective courses specific to your personal interests and career goals


Health Studies

For more info:
Todd Layne | telayne@memphis.edu
Program Coordinator

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities include advancement in the teaching field, such as public schools, colleges and universities and related education fields in the community. The M.S. degree will provide an introduction to research and a knowledge base from which to pursue advanced study leading to a doctorate degree in physical education. The degree will assist you to become an informed leader in the field of teaching physical education and health. In addition, this program of study will provide a range of research skills that could provide you with the basis for research and evaluation of programs. Depending on your chosen path, you will gain experience in many aspects of physical education research. This may include recruitment and screening of subjects, equipment operation, data collection and analysis, program evaluation, grant and manuscript preparation, and oral and written presentation of research findings.

You are also well-prepared to begin employment within the following areas:

Corporate Wellness
Health Club Facility Management
Personal Training
Group Fitness Instruction
Fitness and Wellness Coaching
Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Physical Education Teacher Education (MAT)

A licensure option in physical education is currently available through the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree program in Instruction and Curriculum Leadership. The Licensure concentration is being offered in order to meet the ever-increasing demand from students entering the graduate program who wish to pursue a professional career in teaching. The option provides you with a foundation in Physical Education curriculum and instruction, combined with a theoretical understanding of assessment and personalized learning technologies within the specific content area. The program will prepare you for entry-level positions in K-12 public school districts as well as private schools.

Please contact LaRuth Lofties in ICL with any questions regarding the MAT degree program.

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