Publications - Musculoskeletal Analysis Laboratory


Recent Publications (2017 – Present)

Sex and acute weighted vest differences in force production and joint work during countermovement vertical jumping.
Harry JR, Barker LA, Paquette MR (2019); Journal of Sports Sciences. Accepted, Ahead of Press

Footwear and sex differences in performance and joint kinetics during maximal vertical jumping.
Smith RE, Paquette MR, Harry JR, Powell DW, Weiss LW (2019); JSCR, Accepted, Ahead of Press

The Physiology and Biomechanics of the Master Runner.
Willy RW, Paquette MR (2019); Special Issue: The Ultra Endurance Athlete, Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Review. 27(1):15-21

Clinical assessments of balance in adults with concussion: an update.
Murray NG, Reed-Jones RJ, Szekely BJ, Powell DW; Seminars in Speech Language Pathology. 2019. 40(1): 48-56.

Concussion history associated with increased postural control deficits after subsequent injury.
Murray NG, Szekely B, Moran R, Ryan G, Powell DW, Munkasy BA, Buckley TA, Guskiewicz, K.; Physiological Measurement, Jan 9. 2019

The Effects of Total Ankle Arthroplasty on Postural Stability and Loading Symmetry in Quiet Stance.
Gladish JR, Powell DW, Queen RM; Journal of Biomechanics, 2019. 83:110-116

Coach knowledge in talent identification: A systematic review and meta-synthesis.
Roberts, A., Greenwood, D., Raynor, A., Humberstone, C., Iredale, F. (2019); Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

How performance analysis of elite long jumping can inform representative training design through identification of key constraints on behavior.
McCosker, C., Renshaw, I., Greenwood, D., Davids, K. and Gosden, E. (2019); European Journal of Sport Sciences, 1-9

Learner-adapted practice promotes skill transfer in unskilled adults learning the basketball set shot.
Porter, C., Greenwood, D., Panchuk, D., Pepping, G.J. (2019); European Journal of Sport Sciences, 1-9

Effect of a rest-pause vs traditional squat on electromyography and lifting volume in trained women.
Korak JA, Paquette MR, Fuller DK, Caputo JL, Coons JM (2018); Eur J App Phys. 118(7):1309-1314

Reconciling new with old injury paradigms and the need to dig deeper.
Paquette MR, Miller RH (2018); Commentary in Current Issues in Sport Science

Kinetic and Electromyographic Sub-Phase Characteristics with Relation to Countermovement Vertical Jump Performance.
Harry JR, Paquette MR, Schilling BK, Barker LA, James CR, Dufek JS. (2018); J Applied Biomechanics, 34(4):291-297

Muscle activation patterns of lower-body musculature among 3 traditional lower-body exercises in trained women.
Korak JA, Paquette MR, Fuller DK, Caputo JL, Coons JM (2018); JSCR. 32(10):2770-2775

Contributions to leg stiffness in high- compared to low-arched athletes.
Powell DW, Paquette MR, Williams D.S.B. III (2017); MSSE. 49(8): 1662-1667

Biomechanical implications of training volume and intensity in aging runners.
Paquette MR, DeVita P, Williams III DSB. (2018); MSSE, 50(3):510-515

Neuroscience Letters; May 8, 2018
Powell DW, Blackmore SE, Puppa M, Lester D, Murray NG, Reed-Jones RJ, Xia RP.

Validity and Reliability of the Balance Tracking System During Feet Together Stance.
Murray NG, Grotewold C, Szkeley BJ, Powell DW, Munkasy B; Measurement, 2018. 126: 96-101

Effects of sampling rate and movement frequency on entropic measures of regularity.
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Influence of rest interval on ankle joint coordination with chronic ankle instability.
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Changes in vertical and joint stiffness in runners with advancing age.
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Repetitive head impacts influence on the postural control system during the course of a single athletic season.
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Effect of Rest-Pause VS. Traditional Bench Press Training on Muscle Strength, Electromyography, and Lifting Volume.
Korak JA, Paquette MR, Brooks J, Fuller DK, Coons JM (2017); Eur J App Phys. 117(9): 1891-1896

The impact of different cross-training modalities on performance and injury-related variables in high school cross country runners.
Paquette MR, Peel SA, Smith R, Temme M, Dwyer JN (2017); JSCR, 32(6):1745-175

Soreness-related changes in three-dimensional running biomechanics following eccentric knee extensor damage.
Paquette MR, Peel SA, Schilling BK, Melcher DA, Bloomer RJ (2017); Eur J Sport Science. 17(5): 546-554

Joint stiffness and running economy during imposed forefoot strike before and after a long run.
Melcher D, Paquette MR, Schilling BK, Bloomer RJ (2017); J Sports Sciences. 35(23):2297-2303

Impact of a long run on injury-related biomechanics with relation to mileage in trained runners.
Paquette MR, Melcher DA. (2017); J Applied Biomechanics. 33(3): 216-221

Computerized agility training improves change-of-direction and balance performance independent of footwear in young adults.
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Two gait modifications in stair ascent knee biomechanics in people with different knee alignments.
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The effects of gaze stabilization on gait parameters in individuals with Parkinson’s disease.
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Center of pressure profiles in unilateral compared to bilateral end-stage ankle osteoarthritis patients.
Gladish JR, Powell DW, Allison L, Queen RM; Journal of Orthopedic Research, Apr 27, 2017

Assessment of gaze stability within 24 – 48 hours post-concussion.
Murray NG, D’Amico N, Mormile M, Powell DW; Clinical Biomechanics, 2017. 44:21 – 27

Normalization of electromyography signals masks reduction in reflex amplitudes in Parkinson’s disease.
Powell DW, Muthumani A, Xia RP; Journal of Nature & Science, 2017. 3:e315

Examining changes to center of pressure during the first trials of Wii game play.
Reed-Jones RJ, Carvalho L, Sanderson C, Montelpare W, Murray N, Powell DW; Games for Health Journal, 2017. 6 (1): 57-60

Lower extremity joint work during acceleration, deceleration and steady state running.
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Extraction and Classification of Diving Clips from Continuous Video Footage.
Nibali, A., He, Z., Morgan, S., & Greenwood, D. (2017); The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 38-48