Faith and Health Graduate Certificate

Faith and health have a long history of integration, especially in relation to providing much needed care to underserved populations. There are instances of health needs influencing faith based practices, while theological frameworks have a long history of influencing health practices and providing care to those in need. Through collaboration with Church Health and Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, this graduate certificate focuses on the intersection of faith and health—providing students with knowledge and understanding of how these two key areas influence one another in providing patient care. This certificate is ideal for students interested in working within the medical field, within public health or faith-based healthcare organizations, as well as similar professions. Consisting of 12 credit hours, students will take part in two hybrid (in-class/on-line) courses and two practicum courses (utilizing the Experiential Learning Credit).

Students who are not enrolled in the Faith and Health certificate program are still allowed to register for one or both of the classroom courses below (FTHT 7002 and FTHT 7003) as electives within their existing graduate program or as a non-degree seeking student.

Course Titles and Descriptions

FTHT 7000: Practicum in Faith and Health I
3 credit hours (fall semester)
This initial Practicum in Faith and Health is designed to give students first-hand experience and understanding of healthcare systems beyond the typical medical approaches. Students will work with Church Health staff and partners to gain experience in their patient care programs and other community and public health outreach programs. Minimum number of hours to complete is 240.

FTHT 7001: Practicum in Faith and Health II
3 credit hours (spring semester)
This second Practicum in Faith and Health is designed to provide students with work experience in an appropriate healthcare setting (e.g., hospital, clinic) such as Church Health. Students will work on a collaborative project of their choosing through an appropriate healthcare setting under the guidance of site supervisors. Minimum number of hours to complete is 240.

FTHT 7002: Community and Whole Person Healthcare
3 credit hours (fall semester)
With a strong focus on Church Health and educating students on the holistic method of care provided to patients through this organization, this course is designed to explore issues in community-based health and healthcare systems as they relate to whole person healthcare, from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective.

FTHT 7003: The Intersection of Faith and Health
3 credit hours (spring semester)
Faith and health are human cultural universals that have a long history of reciprocal interaction, especially in caring for underserved populations. This course will study the history of their interaction through a historical and theological framework.

For more information pertaining to this program, please contact Dr. Sharon Hinton at hintons@churchhealth.org or Dr. Richard Bloomer at rbloomer@memphis.edu.

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