Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Leadership

A UofM Global program

The fully online concentration in Healthcare Leadership (HCL) provides a comprehensive exposure to the field of administration and leadership with coursework in areas such as the healthcare environment, professionalism, leadership, business skills and communication. The need for qualified healthcare administrators with leadership acumen and ethical fitness is significant, as these individuals are in great demand within the dynamic and complex healthcare landscape. While in the HCL program, you'll have multiple internship opportunities. Upon graduation, you be well prepared to pursue more advanced coursework in related areas ( e.g., healthcare administration, public health, health promotion).

Notable advantages of the healthcare leadership program:

  • Completely online program for maximum convenience and flexibility
  • Experiential learning credits
  • Competency-based testing for credit
  • No time limit on transfer credits
  • Experienced professors
  • Engaging and relevant internship opportunities
  • Great job market upon graduation


Health Studies


Students graduating with a BS degree with a concentration in Healthcare Leadership are well prepared to attend graduate school within the following areas:

  • Master of Science in Health Studies with a concentration in Health Promotion
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master in Healthcare Administration

Note: You should seek the guidance of the academic services coordinator, the pre-health professional advisor, faculty mentors, and/or the college/school of interest with regards to needed prerequisite courses for Graduate School admission.

Students are also well prepared to begin employment within the following areas:

  • Ambulatory care facilities
  • Long-term healthcare settings
  • Health maintenance organizations
  • Medical group practices
  • Community health settings
  • Local and federal government health agencies
  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospitals


For more info:
Gregory Hughes | gshughes@memphis.edu
Program Coordinator

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Student Testimonials

"When I was first starting the HCL program at Memphis, I was nervous about the fact that all the courses are only offered online.  But this turned out to be a huge bonus in and of itself, especially during a pandemic where all the University's courses were transferred to online learning only.  The program is extremely organized and well thought out in every aspect.  Each course that I took during this program taught me a different aspect of healthcare and how each part of healthcare works together.  To add to this, each professor that I had during my time in this program was knowledgeable, approachable, and eager to teach.  While the courses are online, the teachers do an exceptional job of presenting the material well and highlighting the main areas of focus in each course.  My professors always responded to my emails and questions in a timely manner, and I was able to build a good student-teacher relationship with each of them.  This program required me to hold myself responsible for not only completing my assignments on time but to also hold myself accountable for making the time and creating a schedule where I could read my textbooks and other resources provided by each professor to truly learn and prepare myself for the future I hope to have as a healthcare administrative professional." - Alexandra Rathbun, BS

"The healthcare leadership program allowed me to find my true passion within the healthcare field from the abundance of courses focusing on leadership, management, business dexterities, communication, informatics and the environment itself. The online class environment enabled me to create my own schedule and exercise great time management. The faculty is one of the best parts as I have adored each and every professor I have crossed paths with. The Healthcare Leadership program is what now has led me to landing my first internship with Methodist Healthcare and I am eager to see just where the knowledge I've gained takes me." - Camryn Palmer, BS

"I came into college not really knowing what I wanted to do, just that I wanted something healthcare related. I really love the Healthcare Leadership program because I still have so many different career options after graduation. Having my classes online gives me the freedom and flexibility I need, while still getting a great education. My professors are easily accessible and always very helpful. I have no doubt that healthcare leadership was the right program for me." - Alyssa Bolin, BS

A casual conversation with the Healthcare Leadership faculty about the program: