A Message from Robert Stephens, Herff Alumnus 1990

The Herff College of Engineering is one reason the U of M is a world-class University. Through the generous support of alumni, parents and friends, Herff has had an exceptional past. We are now looking to you to help us build an even more exceptional future.

As you can see, the new atrium design will be truly transformational. When I was on campus last spring, I felt a rush of pride to be back where my love of engineering was born and nurtured. Herff is special. Herff students are special. They deserve a space that is equally special – one that is welcoming and reflects what Herff offers.

Herff has always been about teaching students that the impossible is possible. I've made my gift. Now it is time to make yours. Help us unveil a renovated space in record-breaking time! I promise, you won't regret it!

True blue,


Robert Stephens
EE Class of '90

Thank you to our Donors!

Christina and Don Abbott, '83 Mechanical

Janet Berry, '81 Civil

Eric Dahler, '90 Engineering Technology

Deana and Robert Dodds, '73 Civil

Robert Fulp, '84 Civil

Mary and Peter Giannini, '85 Electrical

Kris Green, '74 Electrical

Barry Greer, '75 Engineering Technology

Goodarz Hemmati, '82 Mechanical

HNA Engineering PLLC

Satish Ellaiah K. Jeejula '98 Electrical

Paula Kee, '84 Civil

Shobhan Koneru, '99 Civil

Steve Liberto, '81 Engineering Technology

John Ray Jr., '92 Mechanical

Laura Rowland '84 Civil

Jessica Shemwell, '12 Biomedical

Philipe Simek, '11 Mechanical

John Sims, '79 Electrical

Robert Stephens, '90 Electrical

Daniel Williams, '86 Civil

Dr. Harris Williams, '64 Industrial Technologies

Dr. Amanda Winter, '01 Mechanical

Robert Wray III, '88 Electrical

Dov Zur, '79 Electrical