Spotlight: Dr. Stephanie Ivey

2023 Memphis Business Journal's Women Who Lead: Logistics and Transportation

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Dr. Stephanie Ivey
Associate Dean for Research, Herff College of Engineering
Professor, Civil Engineering

“I feel like I have a responsibility to support other people as they enter the industry (whether as students, faculty, etc.). I know I have had mentors and colleagues who made a difference for me, and I hope that I do the same for others.”
- Dr. Ivey

Research Expertise: STEM workforce

Dr. Stephanie Ivey, a proud Memphis Tiger, has been part of the University's faculty for two decades. Before she was a faculty member at Herff, she was a Civil Engineering student in the college. Ivey was introduced to the engineering industry at a very early age by her parents. Over the past 20 years, she has witnessed the growth of several programs that she has mentored, such as the Girls Experiencing Engineering program, which serves young women from elementary to high school. Dr. Ivey has conducted education research, with special emphasis on transportation workforce development, partnerships between industry and academia, and increasing representation of women and underrepresented minorities in STEM. While being a woman in the STEM workforce has come with its challenges she is grateful for the support around her.

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