Computer Requirements

Every year, software tools become more entwined with practice of the engineering profession. In addition to preparing our students for professional practice by teaching them how to use these tools, our undergraduate curricula employ software tools to efficiently and effectively deliver subject matter expertise, to enhance student-teacher interaction, to assess student learning, and to increase student achievement. Therefore, the faculty of the Herff College of Engineering requires that each student enrolled in the college's programs possess computing resources that meet or exceed certain minimum specifications.

Any student enrolled in engineering courses is expected to be able to bring to class a computer that supports use of the following software in a classroom environment.

Operating System:
Windows 10 or equivalent


Antivirus software

Recommended Hardware:

Laptop or equivalent
Core i7 processor or equivalent.
Video display with resolution of 1366x768
DirectX Compatible Video with 512 MB RAM
500 GB internal hard drive
IEEE 802.11g wireless capability