The resume builder that changes everything:  Co-op & Internships

Do you want to work part-time while completing your degree? We have a position for you!

Do you want to alternate between full-time work and full-time academics? We have a position for you!

Do you need help to pay for your college education? We have industry partners with tuition reimbursement.

Many Herff students land permanent jobs before they even graduate. That's because Herff helps you build a strong résumé while you are in college. We have a national reputation for providing our students with relevant engineering work experience through a paid Cooperative Education/Internship Program. U.S. News &
World Report ranks the UofM in the Top 10 universities with successful internship programs.

How Herff Jump Starts Your Career in Engineering:

  1. The Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE) equates three semesters of co-op coursework as equivalent to one year's worth of professional engineering work experience.
  2. Students with co-op credit or internship credit on their academic transcripts get higher starting salaries.
  3. Herff engineering co-op/internship positions are paid positions with salaries well above minimum wage.
  4. Many of our industrial partners provide on-site training for Herff student interns because they hope to hire them permanently upon graduation.

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