Graduate Admission to the College of Engineering

Admission to the College of Engineering: Graduate admission to the college is initiated by contacting the Graduate Admissions office of the university. Deadlines for submitting applications are: August 1 for the fall, Dec 1 for the spring, and May 1 for the summer. Admission is based on undergraduate GPA, GRE score (quantitative + verbal), and ABET accreditation status of the undergraduate institution from which the B.S. was granted. Details may be found in The Graduate Bulletin of The University of Memphis.

Admission to the engineering department: Departmental admissions requirements are the same as the college.

Admission requirements for foreign students: International student entrance requirements may be found in The Graduate Bulletin of The University of Memphis. The Bulletin is also available on the university Web site.

Admission requirements for non-resident students: Same as for resident students.

Admission requirements for transfer students: A transfer student must meet minimum college admission requirements plus be in good academic standing at the present graduate institution.

GENERAL FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION University fellowship information may be obtained from the Graduate Office. Graduate assistantship information should be obtained from the specific department.

Biomedical Engineering 10
Civil Engineering 20
Electrical & Computer Engineering 22
Engineering Technology 6
Mechanical Engineering 16
Total 74

Ph.D. ENROLLMENTS (Fall '17)
Biomedical Engineering 19
Civil Engineering 18
Electrical and Computer Engineering 33
Mechanical Engineering 10                                                                                                                                                                                        Engineering Physics 3
Total 83

M.S. DEGREES AWARDED (Summer '16, Fall '16, Spring '17)
Biomedical Engineering 11
Civil Engineering 9
Electrical & Computer Engineering 16
Engineering Technology 5
Mechanical Engineering 6
Total 47

Ph.D DEGREES AWARDED (Summer '16, Fall '16, Spring '17)
Biomedical Engineering 1
Engineering 9
Total 10


Dr. Roger W. Meier, Director of Graduate Programs
The University of Memphis
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E-Mail: rwmeier@memphis.edu