Finding Your Advisor

Who is my academic advisor?

You can locate your assigned academic advisor in a few different places:

  1. UMDegree (located on your myMemphis, mydegree tab)
  2. On Navigate, memphis.campus.eab.com
  3. myMemphis, Student tab, "who is my advisor?"

If you do not have an advisor assigned, please contact Betsy Loe, egrear@memphis.edu.

List of Engineering Advisors:

Department    Advisor Name    Email
College Advisor/Freshmen   Betsy Loe   egrear@memphis.edu 
College Advisor   Drew Garth   asgrath@memphis.edu 
Biomedical   Dr. Joel Bumgardner   jbmgrdnr@memphis.edu
Biomedical    Dr. Amy Curry   adejongh@memphis.edu
Biomedical    Dr. Erno Linder   elindner@memphis.edu
Biomedical    Dr. Gary Bowlin   glbowlin@memphis.edu
Biomedical   Dr. Amber Jennings    jjnnings@memphis.edu
Biomedical   Dr. John Williams   jlwllm17@memphis.edu 
Civil   Dr. Brian Waldron   bwaldron@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Adel Abdelnaby   bdelnaby@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. David Arellano   darellan@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Clauido Meier   cimeier@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Charles Camp   cvcamp@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Shahram Pezeshk   spezeshk@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Sabyasachee Mishra   smishra3@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Stephanie Ivey   ssalyers@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Michail Gkolias   mgkolias@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Paul Palazolo   ppalazol@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Roger Meier   rwmeier@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Farhad Jazaei   fjazaei@memphis.edu 
Civil   Dr. Joseph Delaney   jwdlaney@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Eddie Jacobs   eljacobs@memphis.edu
Electrical and Computer    Dr. Peter Lau   peterlau@memphis.edu
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Madhu  Balasubramanian    mblsbrmn@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Aaron Robinson    alrobins@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Ana Doblas    adoblas@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Bonny Banerjee    bbnerjee@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Hasan Ali    mhali@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Mohamed Yeasin    myeasin@memphis.edu 
Mechanical   Dr. Amir Hadadzadeh   hddzadeh@memphis.edu 
Mechanical   Dr. Ebrahim Asadi   easadi@memphis.edu
Mechanical   Dr. Gladius Lewis   glewis@memphis.edu
Mechanical   Dr. Ranganathan Gopalakrishnan   rgplkrsh@memphis.edu
Mechanical   Dr. Jeffrey Marchetta   jmarchtt@memphis.edu
Mechanical   Dr. Daniel Foti   dvfoti@memphis.ed
Mechanical    Dr. Alexander Headley   jheadley@memphis.edu 
Mechanical    Dr. Yuan Gao   ygao6@memphis.edu 
Mechanical    Dr. Yue Guan   yguan1@memphis.edu 
Mechanical    Dr. Yong Hoon Lee   yhlee@memphis.edu 
Mechanical    Dr. Reza Molaei   rmolaei@memphis.edu 
Engineering Technology   Mr. Tom Banning   tbanning@memphis.edu