Graduation Information


All students must file their intent to graduate forms by the graduation filing deadlines indicated in the academic calendar.




Spring 18


Summer 18


Fall 18


Students who miss the deadline for the intended semester of graduation will have to wait for the next semester to graduate. Note that the deadline for December graduation is in July when most faculty are not available. If you plan on graduating in the Fall semester, file for graduation during you last Spring semester before the faculty leave for summer to ensure meeting the deadline.

Graduating from the Herff College of Engineering

In order to be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from the Herff College of Engineering, a number of requirements must be met. In general, the requirements to be met are:

General Education (GenEd) requirements must be satisfied. Some programs may stipulate which courses are to be used to satisfy particular GenEd categories. See your advisor for specifics.

Program Requirements for your particular major must be satisfied.

Grade Point requirements must be satisfied. In order to graduate from the University, you must have a minimum 2.00 grade point average (overall and UofM GPAs).

Residency Requirements, both University and College, must be met. A student will satisfy residence requirements for graduation by earning at least twenty-five (25) percent of credit hours required for the degree at the University of Memphis. At least thirty (30) of the final sixty (60) hours required for the degree must be completed at the University of Memphis as upper division credit in the Herff College of Engineering. A student transferring credits from a two-year college or institution must complete, as a requirement for the baccalaureate degree, a minimum of sixty semester hours in an accredited senior institution.

Testing may be required at either the University, College, or program level. Check with your advisor and/or graduation analyst to determine if there are any testing requirements that you need to meet in order to graduate.

File Your Intent to Graduate! Graduation is not automatic and you must file your intent to graduate by the deadlines. Check the dates and deadlines calendar for the filing deadline for your intended semester of graduation. Please read the Apply to Graduate page from the Commencement Office. You also need to see your advisor to file your College of Engineering Degree Application.

Check the Commencement Office web site to fill out commencement attendance cards, diploma mailing cards, check commencement program proofs, get cap and gown information, etc.

Pay Any Outstanding Fees!!! If you have any outstanding financial obligations to the University, you will not receive your diploma and you will not be able to request transcripts.