Student Services and Resources

If you need additional assistance, Student Services staff is located on the 3rd floor of the Engineering Administration Building. 

Isaiah Burbrook

Isaiah Surbrook
Assistant Dean, Engineering Student Services & Diversity

Kenneth Hoggan

Kenneth Hoggan
Assistant Director, Engineering Student Services & Diversity


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Herff Advising Information

Career Services

Herff Career Services

Design Lab

The Design Lab is available to students who need to collaborate with peers. You can work on a project for class, study as a group or practice a presentation. A schedule is posted in the lab should you need assistance from one of the student lab workers. All students must receive training before using any of the equipment in the lab, and all equipment must remain in the lab. The lab has equipment available for checkout to help with classroom assignments and projects. 

236 Engineering Technology
8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday


As part of The University of Memphis MATLAB site license, all faculty, staff, and students have access to hands-on learning through Online Training Courses - at no extra cost.

The University of Memphis MATLAB Portal

LINK to update your license

Our Online Training Courses allows new and existing users to learn to use MATLAB effectively. Courses include interactive MATLAB exercises for fast and relevant learning. Quizzes test your knowledge and provide immediate feedback.

These online courses are intended for beginning users as well as those looking for more in-depth training.

Available courses:

  • MATLAB Onramp
  • MATLAB Fundamentals
  • MATLAB for Financial Applications
  • MATLAB Programming Techniques
  • MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualization
  • Solving Ordinary Differential Equations with MATLAB
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra with MATLAB
  • Introduction to Statistical Methods with MATLAB
  • Solving Nonlinear Equations with MATLAB

MATLAB installation is not required. Just log in with your MathWorks account to begin.

Student Services Study & Relaxation Space

The Student Services floor is open to Engineering Students and is equipped with a small computer lab, printer, whiteboard walls and study areas. Students must leave the area at closing time.

Monday through Thursday: 8 AM– Midnight
Friday: 8 AM – 10 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM


The Herff College of Engineering provides tutoring and academic support for undergraduates enrolled in engineering. The College focuses on providing support for challenging courses that students take during their engineering curriculum. All of our tutoring services are provided to the students FREE of charge.

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is a free tutoring service open to any student enrolled at the University of Memphis. Drop-In tutoring takes place in the Tutoring Conference room which is in the Engineering Administration Building RM#304. 


Cookies and Calculus

Cookies and Calculus (affectionately called C&C) takes place for the Engineering Live and Learn Community. Just as the names suggest we always have cookies or some light snack and tutors available to help with first-year course work. C&C is open to all STEM majors. C&C takes places Tuesday 6pm-9pm in the EA 3rd floor student services space.

Online Tutoring

The University is offering 24/7 online tutoring through Upswing. This service is provided free of charge in 30-minute increments. You can access the online tutoring through the Educational Support Program page or https://memphis.upswing.io/ 

Other Resources

Additional tutoring services are offered by the University through the Educational Support Program.