History Happenings 2017

Dr. Brian Kwoba in Black Perspectives

[19 Dec 2017] Dr. Brian Kwoba, our newest Assistant Professor History, wrote an excellent essay on Hubert Harrison, a radical black intellectual of the early twentieth century. It is in "Black Perspectives," the online journal of the African American Intellectual History Society. Check out the essay at Hubert Harrison: Black Griot of the Harlem Renaissance.

Dr. Reggie Ellis (PhD 2011) Publishes Between Washington and DuBois: The Radical Politics of James Edward Shepard

[28 Nov 2017] Dr. Reginald K. Ellis, who received his Ph.D. in history from the University of Memphis in 2011, has published a book based on his dissertation. "Between Washington and DuBois: The Racial Politics of James Edward Shepard" explores the life and career of an influential college president and African American leader in early twentieth century North Carolina. Dr. Ellis wrote his dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Beverly Bond. He is now an Associate Professor at Florida A&M University.

Dr. Michele Coffey discusses "Approaching Difficult Topics in the Classroom"

[17 Nov 2017] Dr. Michele Coffey participated in the roundtable discussion "Approaching Difficult Topics in the Classroom." Held on November 16 at the historic Clayobrn Temple in downtown Memphis, the event was sponsored by the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. During the roundtable, educators from multiple disciplines and institutions in the region discussed the trials, successes, and strategies of teaching topics, themes, and events that students and the public may find challenging. The participants, from left to right, were: Dr. Noelle Trent of the National Civil Rights Museum; Dr. Coffey of the University of Memphis; Dr. Kierra Crago-Schneider of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum; Dr. Jennifer Stollman of the William Winter Institute of Racial Reconciliation at the University of Mississippi; Dr. Andrew Israel Ross of the University of Southern Mississippi; and Dr. Sarah Wilkerson-Freeman of Arkansas State University. Dr. Jake Newsome of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum served as moderator.

 Approaching Difficult Topics in the Classroom, November 16 2017 - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum discussion and presentation

Dr. Peter Brand on the Travel Channel

[30 Oct 2017] Dr. Peter Brand was featured on a television special about King Tutankhamun, which aired earlier this year on the Travel Channel. You can check it out at Hightail.

Dr. Cookie Woolner publishes post on Process

[24 Oct 2017] Dr. Cookie Woolner published a post recently on the OAH blog, Process, entitled, "Have We a New Sex Problem Here?" Black Queer Women in the Early Great Migration." You can check out the blog “Have We a New Sex Problem Here?” Black Queer Women in the Early Great Migration.

Dr. Andrei Znamenski returns!

[5 Oct 2017] This spring and summer, Andrei Znamenski became part of two anniversary gatherings where he presented his papers. On April 22, he gave a keynote address at Kenai Peninsula History Conference in Alaska. The meeting, which was held on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Alaska cession from Russia to the United States, brought together archaeologists, historians, linguists, writers, poets, journalists, and preservation professionals. His paper entitled "Cultural Brokers" dealt with indigenous cultural brokers who mediated between traditional Shamanism and Christianity. In June, Andrei crossed the big pond and took part in a UK conference that dealt with another anniversary - 100 years of the Bolshevik Revolution. There in the British Library, he delivered a paper at one-day conference "Russia in American Literature" organized by the Eccles Centre for American Studies. Here are his two pictures from the both events.




Department of History Places 2nd in Annual DYMD Competition

al and cg on a pegasus float[22 Sept 2017] Congratulations to the Department of History advisors for another successful showing in the annual Discover Your Major Day competition. Dr. Chrystal Goudsouzian and Ms. Amanda Lee Savage, costumed as Medusa and Athena respectively, took the second place prize, outdone only by the Department of Physics with their gigantic telescope and magic tricks science experiments. Friendly competition aside, it was a great day for the department, as over 1300 students stopped by the University Center to check out the event. The History Department took first place last year with their "French Revolution" theme, and as a result was positioned in the entrance to the UC Ballroom, a spot of honor reserved for competition winners. Dr. Goudsouzian and Ms. Savage were joined this year by several faculty members, including Drs. Graham, Mole, Brand, Bond, Kwoba, Tsacoyianis, and Woolner. Drs. Phipps, Eisel, A. Goudsouzian, and Duenas-Vargas also made appearances, occasionally donning a ridiculous hat, and taking photos with the Pegasus--see below.

collage of faculty at dyed 

collage of faculty at dymd

collage of faculty at dymd 

Ms. Amanda Lee Savage wins 2017 CAS Advising Award

[19 Sept 2017] Ms. Amanda Lee Savage was awarded the Dean's Award for Advising Excellence. The award was announced at the CAS faculty meeting at the end of August, and was published in the 2017 Arts and Sciences Accolades. You can read more about Ms. Savage's work with students in their 2018 Dean's Award for Advising Excellence.

Dr. William Campbell Meets with First Nations, National Park Service

[11 Sept 2017] Dr. William Campbell recently delivered the final presentation associated with his project for the National Parks Service on the 18th century treaties signed at Fort Stanwix, in modern-day upstate New York. He gave the talk at Fort Stanwix to representatives from the First Nations, NPS employees, and some select public. Check out press the coverage in the Utice Observer-Dispatch at this Rome presentation to discuss historic treaties - News - Uticaod - Utica, NY

Troy Hallsell, PhD Candidate, in The Metropole

image of troy and books

[6 September 2017] PhD Candidate Troy Hallsell was interviewed for the Urban History Association's blog The Metropole as part of their "Member of the Week" series. You can read about Troy's research, teaching, and his favorite Memphis sites here.

New Faculty Join Already Stellar History Department

[1 September 2017] We are pleased to announce three new additions to our faculty. 

Our new assistant professor Dr. Brian Kwoba grew up in Boulder, Colorado and Cincinnati, Ohio. He received his PhD at the University of Oxford. His research interests include African-American political thought, social movements, and the politics of race, class, and gender across the African diaspora. In his spare time, he likes playing tennis and meditating on the music of John Coltrane.

Dr. Aaron L. Beek is one of our new instructors, and he holds degrees in Classics, Linguistics, and History (Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 2015). He  has taught classes in classical languages, literature, and history in Minnesota, British Columbia, and New Zealand, and worked on an archaeological dig near Corinth, Greece. He wrote his dissertation on ancient piracy and now works on a variety of Greek-Roman interactions in the third and second centuries BCE.

Our other new instructor, Dr. Gregory Mole, comes from New Jersey. He did his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He's a European historian broadly defined, with interests in empire, early-modern globalization, and the global history of ideas. His current work explores the history of the Compagnie des Indes (French East India Company) and its role in reframing and redefining absolutist politics prior to the French Revolution. He's an avid ultimate frisbee player, and also brews his own kombucha.

Please join us in welcoming them to the department!

Keith Wood, PhD candidate, publishes in Black Ball

journal cover black ball

[30 August 2017] Congratulations to PhD candidate Keith Wood, who has published an article entitled "The Harassment of Dr. J.B. Martin: A Story of Southern Paternalism in 1940 Memphis," in the journal Black Ball: New Research in African American Baseball History. Keith teaches history at Christian Brothers High School and is writing a dissertation entitled, "Larry Finch's Memphis: Race, Basketball, and the City, 1967-1997."

Erika Feleg, PhD candidate, appears in episode of "Unearthed"

[27 July 2017] PhD student Erika Feleg appears in the most recent episode of the program "Unearthed," a show that decodes mysteries and combines scientific investigations with CGI animation to reveal the hidden secrets of iconic structures and monuments from around the globe. The episode highlights the Egyptian mega-temple at Karnak, which was once the political powerbase of the ancient pharaohs and the home to strange religious rituals. Erika is working on the Karnak Great Hypostyle Hall Project, under the direction of Dr. Peter Brand. Erika appears about twenty minutes into the episode. You can view the episode at this website.

Dr. Michele Coffey co-edits book Navigating Souths

navigating souths cover page[20 July 2017] Dr. Michele Coffey is the co-editor of a new, groundbreaking collection of essays on the "New Southern Studies," entitled Navigating Souths: Transdisciplinary Explorations of a U.S. Region. Along with Dr. Jodi Skipper of the University of Mississippi, Dr. Coffey has edited fourteen original essays by scholars across the humanities and social sciences, probing to reframe the field of southern studies. The book is published by University of Georgia Press, and you can find more information about it at their website.

Isabel Machaho, PhD candidate, and the "Redneck Nightmare Genre"

[29 June 2017] Isabel Machado, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History, has published an article in "Study the South" entitled "Revisiting Deliverance: The Sunbelt South, the 1970s Masculinity Crisis, and the Emergence of the Redneck Nightmare Genre." You can check it out by following this link.

Dr. Catherine Phipps and "Reconnecting Asia"

[28 June 2017] The Center for Strategic and International Studies asked Dr. Catherine Phipps to contribute expert analysis on its site, "Reconnecting Asia."  You can read Japan's Ports and Power by clicking this link.

Florida A&M Names Dr. Reginald Ellis (PhD 2011) Teacher of the Year


 [27 June 2017] Dr. Reginald Ellis was named the Teacher of the Year for 2016-2107 at Florida A&M University. He was recognized for his excellent teaching and advising, as well as his mentorship both in and beyond the classroom. He completed his PhD in 2011 under the direction of Dr. Beverly Bond. Congratulations to Dr. Ellis!

Dr. Scott Marler on Confederate Monuments

[13 June 2017] Dr. Scott Marler recently published a piece in The Nation about removing Confederate monuments and starting a Reconstruction museum in New Orleans. You can check out the piece by clicking this link.

Dr. Richard Saunders returns from 2017 Chang'an Symposium

[30 May 2017] Dr. Richard Saunders, who completed his PhD in History in 2012, was a recent participant in the Chang'an Symposium, held annually by Northwest University in Xian, China. A dozen Western scholars (many teaching elsewhere in China) came to speak about the cross-cultural exchanges between East and West. Dr. Saunders delivered remarks that centered on the collapse of the China sea trade following the fourteenth century Ming rebellion and how it created a vacuum into which European explorers moved east – a topic he first explored in graduate school while taking Dr. Jim Blythe's global history course.

Dr. Saunders is now the Dean of the Gerald R. Sherratt Library at Southern Utah University and the editor of RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, & Cultural Heritage. His dissertation, written under the direction of Aram Goudsouzian, was entitled, "'Encouraged by a Little Progress': Voting Rights and the Contests over Social Place and Civil Society in Tennessee's Fayette and Haywood Counties, 1958-1964."

saunders symposium

Dr. Dan Unowsky at the European University Institute in Florence

dunowsky[15 May 2017] Dr. Dan Unowsky was in Florence for a workshop for The Cambridge History of the Habsburg Monarchy II 1790-1918, hosted by the European University Institute in Florence. He'll be staying on in Europe doing research for his next project in Bielsko-Biala, Poland and Vienna, Austria through June 3.

Dr. Malcolm Frierson to deliver North Lake College commencement address

malcolm frierson commencement[12 May 2017] Dr. Malcolm Frierson (PhD 2015) has been selected to give the commencement address at the North Lake College graduation ceremony this Saturday, May 13. He is currently a Professor of History and the college's 2016-2017 President's Scholar. The commencement address is titled "The Key to Success," and will offer suggestions to assist graduates with succeeding in a rapidly changing local, national, and global community. He also plans to briefly address the recent wave of tragic violence that has affected multiple college campuses in Texas.

Drs. Beverly Bond and Andre Johnson on TLC this Sunday

[7 Apr 2017] Dr. Beverly Bond from History and Dr. Andre Johnson from Communications are on TLC on Sunday night. They will appear on the show that explores celebrity's family histories, "Who Do You Think You Are?" This week's episode is about the great singer and songwriter Smokey Robinson.

who do you think you are

Dr. Christine Eisel delivers address at Washington Day Gala

[21 Feb 2017] On Saturday, 18 February Dr. Christine Eisel delivered the keynote address at the Sons of the American Revolution Washington Day Gala. Her talk was titled "George Washington: The Construction of a Patriarch," and in it she discussed the ways Washington, his contemporaries, historians, and artists all contributed to the creation of the "Washington myth." Though motivations varied, the result was the intentional construction of a patriarch. Both the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution attended.

eisel gala image

Dr. Beverly Bond honored at 14th Annual Freedom Awards and Mahogany Ball

[20 Feb 2017] On Friday, 17 February Dr. Beverly Bond was at the NAACP 14th Annual Freedom Awards and Mahogany Ball. She was the 2017 Education Honoree. Thank you to Ms. Kimberly Reese for the photos, and congrats to Dr. Bond on this achievement.

bond program     bond award      bond group

Rebekkah Mulholland publishes Wright State University

[ 13 Feb 2017] Rebekkah Mulholland has authored the book Wright State University, a history of the first public institution of higher wright state universityeducation in Dayton, Ohio. The book is published through the "Campus History" series at Arcadia Publishing. Ms. Mulholland holds a master of arts in public history, master of humanities, and bachelor's degree in liberal studies, all from Wright State. She is now a Ph.D. student in the Department of History at the University of Memphis.

Department of History cohosts the Midwest Japan Seminar

[13 Feb 2017] The Department of History helped cohost the Midwest Japan Seminar on 11-February 2017. You can read more about it here. According to their website, "The Midwest Japan Seminar is an association of scholars who devote a significant portion of their effort to Japan studies. The seminar meets five times a year at various host institutions throughout the Midwest, once in conjunction with the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs." Dr. Catherine Phipps was the official host of Saturday's seminar for these scholars of Japanese studies.

Dr. Susan O'Donovan Reappointed as an OAH Distinguished Lecturer

Dr. Susan O'Donovan [1-Feb 2017] Dr. Susan O'Donovan was reappointed for another three year term as an OAH distinguished lecturer. She's served in this capacity since 2008.