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Honors Contract

         Honors Contract Policy Statement:

  • First-year students may not contract a course for honors credit without special permission from the Honors College, obtained in an advising meeting.
  • 1000-level general education classes may not be contracted for honors credit. Exceptions to this policy will be made for students enrolled at the U of M Lambuth campus.
  • Contracts are designed primarily for upper-division courses; however, lower-division course contracts will be considered in areas where enrollments are not sufficient to support Honors sections.
  • Honors contracts may not be added to the following types of courses:  classes that carry less than 3.0 credit hours, internships, study abroad, emerging leader courses, resident assistant courses, and pass/fail courses.
  • Only faculty members, including full-time instructors, may sponsor a contract.  Students submitting contracts signed, or largely supervised, by a teaching assistant or other non-faculty member will be denied Honors credit for the course.
  • Students will earn honors credit if they complete the Honor contract work satisfactorily and earn a grade of A or B in the course. If the course is graded plus/minus, a grade of “B-“is insufficient.
  • Once a student undertakes two contracts without completing either, he or she is not eligible for further contracts. 
  • Please review the Honors Contract carefully for detailed instructions. 

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