Tigers Athletes 

Our Memphis Tigers receive world class sport science support through the Human Performance Center. Led by our director with over 15 years of experience in elite sport support, in collaboration with our elite coaches

Enjoy reading about some of our projects:

Graph showing Bone load difference per session for women basketball players. Assistant strength and conditioning coach, Bethany Gainy, says "Teaming up with the HP Center staff has been a great benefit to our Women's Basketball team! With the information and data provided, we have been able to identify asymmetries which has allowed us to customize individual training programs. Overall, we have seen an increase in athletic performance and decrase in our team's injury rate. This was such a GREAT addition to our preparation in starting off a new season."

Lower Limb Loading: Training vs. Match; Photo of women's tennis player and tennis balls on top of IMeasureU case. Head tennis coach, Hayden Perez, says "The research coneducted by the HP Center was awesome. We were able to identify some of the key differences between our practice days and match days. With this data, we can better plan our practices and help better prepare our players for match days!"