Career Milestone Recipients - 2020

Month Event(s)
Fifty Years of Service

John Haddock, Mathematics
Louis Strasberg, Athletics

Forty Years of Service

Alcenia Akins, Business and Finance
Peter Bridson, Chemistry
Lee Dimond, Physical Plant
John Evans, University Libraries
John Evans, Academic Affairs
Muhammad Jahan, Physics and Materials Science

Thirty-Five Years of Service

William Akey, College of Education
Donna Beene, Information Technology Services
Jeffrey Berman, Psychology
Theodore Burkey, Chemistry
Quentin Chu, Finance Insurance Real Estate
Jane Clement, Student Wellness & Dean of Students
Rosie Davis, Counsel Education Psych Research
Connie Diffee, College of Arts and Sciences
Elizabeth Eckert, University Libraries
Denise Keeney, University Libraries
Hsiang Lin, Mechanical Engineering
Debra Lynch, Enrollment Services
Rose Moore, University Libraries
Thomas Nenon, Provost Office
Thomas Nenon, President Units
Gary Pylant, Information Technology Services
Evonne Raine, Finance
Timothy Roche, Philosophy
Tit-Yee Wong, Biology

Thirty Years of Service

Shaul Bar, Judaic Studies
Lawrence Brainerd, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Ralph Brashier, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Stephen Brewer, College of Arts and Sciences
Theron Britt, English
Elizabeth Buck, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Lorelei Corcoran, College of Communication & Fine Arts
Ray Craft, Student Wellness & Dean of Students
Barbara Farrar, Information Technology Services
Susan Fitzgerald, College of Arts and Sciences
Willard Harding III, Information Technology Services
Kenneth Kreitner, School of Music
Leslie Luebbers, College of Communication Fine Arts
David Matthews, Communication and Film
Thomas McInish, Finance Insurance Real Estate
Michael Pufahl, Physical Plant
Hermes Rosa, Business and Finance
Randal Rushing, School of Music
Hassan Saadat, Information Technology Services
Amit Sen, Philosophy
Emily Thrush, English
Doris Williams, Physical Plant

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Bela Bollobas, Math B Bollobas
Karen Bradley, College of Arts and Sciences
Michael Ferkin, Biology
Delois Freeman, Enrollment Services
Stephen German, College of Arts and Sciences
Mark Gillenson, Business Information and Technology
Stephen Hancock, Theatre Dance
Rekeycha Harris, University Libraries
Mattie Haynes, College of Arts and Sciences
Brian Janz, Business Information and Technology
Deborah Keeney, Business and Finance
Daniel Larsen, Earth Sciences
Sue Ann McClellan, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Becky McCoy, Office of University Advancement
Roger Meier, Civil Engineering
Perveen Rustomfram, University Libraries
Michael Schmidt, Art
Chandrathilaka Wanigasekara, Information Technology Services
Rebecca Ward, UofM Global
Mate' Wierdl, Mathematics

Twenty Years of Service

Kimberly Austin, Physical Plant
Wattine Baker, Office of University Advancement
Bryan Blankenship, College of Communication Fine Arts
Roy Bowery, UofM Global
Elaine Calhoun, Business Services
Hongqiu Chen, Mathematics
Ladonnal Curry, Business and Finance
Catherine Dice, English
Elizabeth Edwards, Art
William Elliotte, Information Technology Services
Sylverna Ford, University Libraries
Kenneth Franklin Jr, Academic Affairs
Joanne Gikas, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Yeh Hsueh, Counsel Education Psych Research
Erma Hudson, University Libraries
Anita Huggins, College of Communication Fine Arts
Ronald Huggins, PP Business Operations
Henry Jemison, Housing and Residence Life
Ronald Jennings, Information Technology Services
Debra Johnson, Physical Plant
Dale Kehr, Marketing Supply Management
Carol Laney, Enrollment Services
Charles Langston, CERI
Dennis Laumann, History
Mary Beth Mader, Philosophy
Yuki Matsuda, World Languages and Literatures
Ladrica Menson-Furr, English
Steven Mulroy, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Angela Norwood, Student Academic Success
Vera Perry, Business Services
Carol Rakestraw, College of Communication Fine Arts
Tracy Robinson, UofM Global
Kristin Shupe, College of Communication Fine Arts
Debra Turner, College of Arts and Sciences
Rebecca Van Dyck-Laumann, Graduate Programs
Gail Warren, Graduate Programs
Paulette Wilkerson, College of Arts and Sciences
Colette Williams, Business and Finance
Montoya Williams, College of Arts and Sciences
Raymond Yates, Finance

Fifteen Years of Service

Sharon Wrobel, Public Administration
Xinhua Yu, Epidemiology
Lin Zhan, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Lin Zhan, Academic Affairs
Bentuo Zheng, Mathematics
David Arellano, Civil Engineering
Nancy Bailey, Business Services
Thomas Banning, Engineering Technology
Karyl Buddington, Animal Care Facility
Shermia Cherry, Student Financial Aid
Jacquelyn Cole, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Annette Cornelius, Instruction Curriculum Leadership
Eric Crites, Business and Finance
Jackie Davis, College of Arts and Sciences
Mary Dawson, Fedex Institute of Technology
Antonio de Velasco, Communication and Film
Robert DeBula, College of Arts and Sciences
George Deitz, Marketing Supply Management
Jasbir Dhaliwal, Vice President Research
Jasbir Dhaliwal, President Units
Cassandra Dinwiddie, College of Arts and Sciences
Sarah Ellis, College of Arts and Sciences
Misty Freeman, Mathematics
William George, Information Technology Services
Sandra Guntharp, Child Development Family Studies
G Guy, Student Academic Success
Heather Hampton, College of Communication Fine Arts
Janet Hargrow, Business and Finance
Karlon Harris, Physical Plant
Joy Hoffman, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Treanish Holmes, Physical Plant
Patrick Hood, Information Technology Services
Darla Keel, Enrollment Services
Judith Knight, External Relations
Olga Kohr, Campus Planning Design
Sharon Kuykendall, Student Wellness & Dean of Students
Lavaire Lockhart, Information Technology Services
William McKeown, Art
Andrew Mickelson, Earth Sciences
Clif Mims PhD, Instruction Curriculum Leadership
Fatima Nogueira, World Languages and Literatures
Susan Owen-Leinert, School of Music
J Perkins, Instruction Curriculum Leadership
Kay Reeves, Instruction Curriculum Leadership
Charles Santo, City and Regional Planning
Ronald Spahr, Finance Insurance Real Estate
Beau Staples, Information Technology Services
Robin Stevens, College of Education
Jack Strahl, College of Education
Manuela Strahl, College of Education
Genae Strong, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Terri Trotter, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Cathy Wilhelm, College of Arts and Sciences
Theresa Winkelmann, College of Communication Fine Arts
Mohammed Yeasin, Electrical Computer Engineering

Ten Years of Service

Rebecca Adkins, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Maria Alam, Human Resources
Alena Allen, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Jacob Allen, Theatre Dance
Frank Andrasik, Psychology
Susan Armacost, Office of University Advancement
LaTondra Arnett, President Units
Kimberly Avant, Student Academic Success
William Baggett, Computer Science
Sharonda Bailey, Physical Plant
Casandra Banks, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Lisa Beasley, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Culeta Byars, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Tsz Chan, Mathematics
Alyson Chapman, Business Services
Hans Chun, Master of Arts Professional Studies
Jacqueline Cleaves, Physical Plant
Ashley Connolly, College of Arts and Sciences
Pamela Denney, Journalism and Strategic Media
Loren Estes, PP Business Operations
Wanda Gary, Enrollment Services
Deborah Harrison, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Mark Hendricks, Health Systems Mgmt and Policy
Ozzie Hill Jr, Physical Plant
Xiaohua Huang, Chemistry
Thomas Hughes, Information Technology Services
Jennifer Johnston, World Languages and Literatures
Geraldine Jones, Physical Plant
Robert Kelz, World Languages and Literatures
Robin Lennon-Dearing, Social Work
Marina Levina, Communication and Film
Jacqueline Lewis, Physical Plant
Amelia Mayahi, PP Business Operations
Cedric McBee, Physical Plant
Russell McCarver, Office of University Advancement
James McDaniel, Student Academic Success
Duane McKenna, Biology
Steven Mizell, Men Athletics
Donald Morrison, Institute For Intelligent Systems
Susan Neely-Barnes, Social Work
Vikki Nolan, Epidemiology
Vikki Nolan, School of Public Health
Susan O'Donovan, History
Napoleon Overton, Finance Insurance Real Estate
Chrissy Perry, University Libraries
Latrice Pichon, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Randell Pope, Business Services
Rhonda Powers, English
Chidambaram Ramanathan, Health Studies
Rebecca Rivers, Physical Plant
Janet Robbins, College of Education
Angela Robinson, UofM Global
Felicia Roddy-Jackson, College of Business Economics
Robert Rose, Information Technology Services
Gwendolyn Royster, Student Academic Success
Amanda Lee Savage, History
Alka Sharma, Biology
Keith Shupert, Information Technology Services
Madeline Simington, Business and Finance
Paul Simone Jr, Chemistry
Alberta Simpson, Physical Plant
Omar Skalli, Biology
Bessie Smith, Physical Plant
Claudia Smith, Physical Plant
Gloria Stanfill, Physical Plant
David Steiner, College of Arts and Sciences
Linda Thomas, College of Business Economics
Kathy Tuberville, Management
Erik Tyge, Bus Continuity and Risk Management
Minor Vawter Jr, Physical Plant
Darrell Wilbern, Physical Plant

Five Years of Service

Brian Ahern, Center for Excellence MD2K
Nathaniel Ball, College of Arts and Sciences
Nancy Barnes, Business and Finance
Rachel Best Arthur, College of Arts and Sciences
Javaris Blakely, Physical Plant
LaHenrya Boyd, External Relations
Julian Boyland, Physical Plant
Octavia Buckley, Physical Plant
Roderick Burns, University Libraries
Zachary Carr, Educational Initiatives
Tamika Christopher, Finance
Swazoo Claybon, CPD Physical Plant Projects
Cody Clinton, College of Arts and Sciences
Jody Cockroft, College of Arts and Sciences
Tanlar Cooper, Physical Plant
Kevin Craft, Physical Plant
Lindsay Crews, College of Health Sciences
Meghan Cullen, College of Arts and Sciences
Clifton Dandridge, Physical Plant
Charles Daniels Jr, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Valerie Dexter, President Units
Donald Dolan, Physical Plant
Sophia Dorsey, Human Resources
Steven Draper, Physical Plant
Thomas Eadie, Bus Continuity and Risk Management
Julie Ellena, Athletics
Paul Finney Sr, Physical Plant
Kenneth Frenette, Women Athletics
Gregory Geske, Information Technology Services
James Glover, Physical Plant
Angela Graves, Student Financial Aid
Luz Gray, College of Engineering
Suprena Grear, Human Resources
Jermaine Green, Business Services
Jayson Greenfield, Information Technology Services
Charles Griffith, University Libraries
Tinese Harris, College of Business Economics
Syed Hossain, Center for Excellence MD2K
William Howard, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Nicole Hoyle, College of Arts and Sciences
Allegra Inzer, Enrollment Services
Stephanie Jeans, Physical Plant
Mark Jefferson, Physical Plant
Brian Jones, Physical Plant
Gerry Keen, CPD Physical Plant Projects
Vicki King, Physical Plant
Debra Knox, Physical Plant
Jenna Koestler, Student Academic Success
Melissa Koontz, College of Arts and Sciences
Cynthia Lindsey, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Linh Luu, Student Wellness & Dean of Students
Andrella Maclin, Student Wellness & Dean of Students
Sherry Mathews, Physical Plant
Anthony McManus, Athletics
Ryan McPhail, Athletics
Emily Neal, College of Arts and Sciences
Olivia New, UofM Global
Jessica Newsome, College of Health Sciences
Kyle Nixon, Enrollment Services
Corinne OConnor, College of Arts and Sciences
Max Pennington, University Libraries
Hether Pflasterer, College of Education
Jazmine Phillips, External Relations
Lloyd Pickett III, Physical Plant
Jennifer Price, Physical Plant
Terrance Pryor, Student Academic Success
Charlotte Puckett, Information Technology Services
Bernice Reaves, Physical Plant
Adam Remsen, College of Arts and Sciences
Elizabeth Rudolph, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Lyndsey Rush, College of Arts and Sciences
John Ryall, President Units
Antonio Seals Sr, Physical Plant
Kathryn Sharpe, UofM Global
Archie Shelton, Office of University Advancement
Larry Smith, Physical Plant
Marilyn Smith, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Sharrion Smith, Business and Finance
Tamika Smith, Physical Plant
Thomas Smith, Police Services
Vanna Stills, Physical Plant
Victoria Tardugno, College of Arts and Sciences
Whitney Tate, Physical Plant
Leslie Vanelli, College of Education
Scott Vann, UofM Global
Zoe Vu, External Relations
Tanya Ware, Information Technology Services
James Watkins III, Physical Plant
Stanley Watson, Business Services
Allen Webb, Physical Plant
Erica Wells, Physical Plant
Jessica Wester, Physical Plant
Jarred Wheeler, Information Technology Services
Karen White, Physical Plant
Darren Wibberding Jr, Student Wellness & Dean of Students
ShaRhonda Williams, Student Financial Aid
Amy Wilson, College of Education
Devan Yanik, Information Technology Services