Career Milestone Recipients - 2021

Month Event(s)
Fifty-Five Years of Service

Martha Brown, Biology

Forty-Five Years of Service

Jeanett Ballentine, Student Success Programs
Daniel Beasley, University Advancement
Robert Cohen, Psychology
Lewis Coons, Biology
Roxana Gee, Communication and Film
Dorothy Hale, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Leslie Ingram, Research & Innovation

Forty Years of Service

Fernando Burgos, World Languages and Literatures
Regina Cade, University Libraries
Diane Coleman, Campus School
David Dye, Earth Sciences
Hsiang Kung, Earth Sciences
Robin Roach, College of Health Sciences

Thirty-Five Years of Service

George Anastassiou, Mathematics
Courtney Dickinson, Campus Planning & Design
Joellen Dimond, Physical Plant
Linda Heide, Grants and Contracts Accounting
David Horan, Art
Pei-Kee Lin, Mathematics
LaRuth Lofties, Teacher Education
Melissa Moore-Brigance, External Relations
Onyejebose Okwumabua, College of Health Sciences
Amy Sandlin, Financial Aid
Lawrence Weiss, College of Health Sciences

Thirty Years of Service

Hugh Busby, Information Technology Services
David Dwiggins, Mathematics
Linda Hall, Multicultural Affairs
Michael Heppner, Information Technology Services
Deborah Hochstein, Engineering Technology
John Hochstein, Mechanical Engineering
Annette Johnson, Physical Plant
Larry Joyce, Residence Life
Holly Lau, Theatre & Dance
Suzanne Lease, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research
Stine Moss-Cooperwood, Keep Tennessee Beautiful
Ernest Nichols, Marketing & Supply Chain Management
Betty Wiley, Sociology

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Mark Alpuente, Fogelman College of Business & Economics
Deborah Becker, Financial Planning & Analysis
Beverly Bond, History
Eugene Buder, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Michael Compton, English
James Cushing, University Libraries
Gisele Goldstein, Mathematics
Jerome Goldstein, Mathematics
Michael Hagge, Architecture
Linda Harris, Commencement
Helen Johnson, Office of the Provost
Shelia Moses, Herff College of Engineering
Laura Snyder, College of Communication & Fine Arts
Francisco Vivar, World Languages and Literatures
Cynthia Walker, Psychology

Twenty Years of Service

Laura Alderson, Management
Tim Bennett, Information Technology Services
Peter Brand, History
Sara Bridges, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research
Chang Choi, University of Memphis Foundation
Amanda Clarkson, Human Resources
Randy Floyd, Psychology
Lisa Goins, Intensive English for Internationals
Marc Hohorst, Athletics
William Holland, Residence Life
Stephanie Ivey, Civil Engineering
Robert Jackson, Information Technology Services
Linda Jarmulowicz, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Randall McCutcheon, Mathematics
Lisa Mendel, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Brooks Monaghan, Athletics
John Mueller, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Vladimir Nikiforov, Mathematics
Matthew Parris, Biology
Cynthia Perry, Physical Plant
Patricia Podzorski, Egyptian Art & Archaeology
Willie Ragsdale, Physical Plant
Zabihollah Rezaee, School of Accountancy
Steven Schwartzbach, Biology
Ernest Shadow, Campus School
Veronica Shaw, University & Student Business Services
Camisha Smith, Communication and Film
Patricia Smith, Physical Plant
Stephen Stein, History
Darnell Swanigan, Physical Plant
Geraldine Taylor, Office of the Registrar
Russell Teague, Payroll
Rorie Trammel, Hooks Institute for Social Change
Mervin Walker, Physical Plant
Maurice Williams, TigerLIFE
Vivian Williams, Physical Plant
Holly Withers, Center for Earthquake Research & Information

Fifteen Years of Service

Charlotte Alston, Residence Life
Robin Andrews, Physical Plant
Daniel Baker, Chemistry
Sammie Ballard, Police Services
Karen Berry, Health Center
Latoya Boyland, College of Communication & Fine Arts
Courtney Brafford, UofM Global
Laura Casey, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
John Chando, Chucalissa
Colton Cockrum, Enrollment Services
Gregory Covington, Physical Plant
Beverly Cross, College of Education
Jill Dapremont, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Emma Davis, Physical Plant
Goldie Davis, Physical Plant
Remy Debes, Philosophy
Cheryl Edwards, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Joseph Edwards, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Jodie Friedman, Campus School
Albert Geeter, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Emma Gifford, Campus School
Freida Green, Admissions
Martha Harrell, Information Technology Services
Katrina Heard, Multicultural Affairs
Andrew Hussey, Economics
Eddie Jacobs, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Santosh Kumar, Computer Science
Kendra Lambert, College of Arts and Sciences
Marian Levy, School of Public Health
Gensheng Liu, Marketing & Supply Chain Management
Laurie MacGillivray, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Edmond McDavis, Keep Tennessee Beautiful
Meghan McDevitt-Murphy, Psychology
Rickey Moore, Police Services
Christian Mueller, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research
Karen Mueller, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Jennifer Murchison, Disability Resources for Students
James Murphy, Psychology
Brandon Myers, Physical Plant
Peter Nguyen, Information Technology Services
Debra Nichols, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Andrew Olney, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Suzanne Onstine, History
Linda Page, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Paulette Palmer, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Truc Chi Pham, Chemistry
Catherine Phipps, History
Chrysanthe Preza, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Christie Rakestraw, Graduate Admissions
Donny Ray, Animal Care Facility
Sandra Richardson, Business Information and Technology
Alisha Rose, Career Services
Kas Saghafi, Philosophy
Kenya Sanders, Enrollment Services
Kathy Schultz, English
Jeffrey Scraba, English
Christopher Simmons, Athletics
Winston Smallwood, Physical Plant
Anthony Smith, Information Technology Services
Favian Smith, Physical Plant
Vikki Smith, Physical Plant
Sharon Stanley, Political Science
Kelly Straub, Police Services
Shundra White, Information Technology Services
Christopher Whitehead, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Anthony Williamson, Art
Leah Windsor, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Kamia Young, Student Success Programs

Ten Years of Service

SangNam Ahn, Health Systems Management and Policy
Theresa Alfers, Physical Plant
Mohd Ali, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Terry Ansbro, English
Anzhelika Antipova, Earth Sciences
Bonny Banerjee, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Edina Bene, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Cheryl Bowers, Psychology
Dale Bowman, Mathematics
Kathy Butler, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Sonya Chamberlin, University & Student Business Services
Colin Chapell, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Rebecca Cook, Biology
Andrew Daily, History
Bridgette Decent, Institutional Research
Elena Delavega, Social Work
Darryl Domingo, English
Candy Donald, Lambuth
Chanancy Donaldson, Police Services
Jessica Flanigan, Academic Counseling
Scott Fleming, Computer Science
Hal Freeman, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Gary Fritts, Physical Plant
Elizabeth Fudge, University Center
Shaun Gallagher, Philosophy
Lucien Garrett, Philosophy
Steven Graber, Physical Plant
Kimberly Grantham, University Advancement
Clayton Greene, Athletics
Alfred Hall, College of Education
John Hall, University & Student Business Services
Cody Havard, Sports and Leisure Commerce
Timothy Hnat, Center for Excellence MD2K
Ilene Hogan, University & Student Business Services
Jonathan Holland, Honors College
Stephanie Hope, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Whitney Horton, Leadership
Sheri Howard, Loewenberg College of Nursing
William Hunter, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Jani Johnson, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Kena Johnson-Beamon, Loewenberg College of Nursing
James Kierulff, Graduate Programs
Lauren Kuhn, Campus Recreation
David Lazich, Information Technology Services
Michael Lewis, Physical Plant
Bruce Lipford, Housing and Residence Life
James Lott, Athletics
Boris Mamlyuk, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Mary McDougal, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Bernard McGhee, Information Technology Services
Paul Mego, Political Science
James Meindl, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Vickie Middleton, Mathematics
Constance Montague Butts, Procurement and Contract Services
Dianne Moody, Fogelman College of Business & Economics
Jeremy Moore, Physical Plant
Cynthia Nichols, University Libraries
DeAnna Owens-Mosby, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership
Caprice Pamphlet, Office of the Registrar
Philip Pavlik, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Tony Pearson, Information Technology Services
Felesha Perry, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Christy Peterson, Social Work
Jesse Pierce, Internal Auditing
Natalie Poole, Athletics
Robin Rash, World Languages and Literatures
Chonda Rice, University & Student Business Services
Jaclyn Rodriguez, Student Academic Success
Penny Rogers, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
Shahin Samiei, Center for Excellence MD2K
Otis Sanford, Journalism and Strategic Media
Courtney Santo, English
Barry Segerson, Physical Plant
Lindsey Shelton, World Languages and Literatures
Seung-Geuk Shin, Biology
Elizabeth Simpson, Student Wellness
Kevin Smith, Physical Plant
Holly Snyder, External Relations
Laura Taylor, Social Work
Connie Thiemonge, University Advancement
Jeremy Tubbs, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Adam Walker, Athletics
Chaundra Walker, School of Public Health
Lisa Warmath, Lambuth
Melynda Whitwell, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research
Toya Wilson, Multicultural Affairs
Adrienne Zaitz, Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Five Years of Service

Jessica Abernathy, College of Arts and Sciences
Jennifer Allen, Physical Plant
Derrick Anderson, Information Technology Services
Kendrick Anderson, Physical Plant
Darlene Armstrong, Police Services
Lateisha Arnold, University & Student Business Services
LaTorie Bradshaw, Office of the Registrar
Dametria Brooks, Financial Aid
Haneefah Broome, Human Resources
Vincent Burnett, Physical Plant
Katelyn Canup, Physical Plant
Shirley Carnes, Physical Plant
Willie Clark, Alumni Relations
Avisha Cooper, Police Services
Tina Crowe, Police Services
Mary DuBose, CAESER
Ashley Dutton, Physical Plant
Melissa Eakens, Loewenberg College of Nursing
Cynthia Edwards, English
Eric Fredricks, Athletics
Deona Freeman, Physical Plant
William Gibbons, School of Urban Affairs
Tracy Gillespie, University & Student Business Services
Francine Green, Accounting Office
Cedric Harris, Herff College of Engineering
Caleb Harvey, Police Services
Eric Hatch, Physical Plant
Kevin Hilliard, Information Technology Services
Sean Holden, Institutional Research
Harvey Holmes, Physical Plant
Kevin Hughes, Physical Plant
Zaneta Ivy, Athletics
Kara Keen, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
Christopher King, Sociology
Yen Le-Frederick, Accounting Office
Raminder Lotay, FedEx Institute of Technology
Janie Mangum, Physical Plant
Emily Mann, Academic Counseling
Gracie Mayhew, Physical Plant
Jamion McNeil, Educational Support Program
Beverly McPhail, Academic Counseling
Brock McWhorter, Athletics
Adam Mendez, Athletics
Jeffrey Meyers, Physical Plant
Rachel Montague, Academic Counseling
Jerome Moss, Physical Plant
Gina Neal, Physical Plant
Rebecca Nelson, Information Technology Services
Neil O'Brien, Art Museum
Charles Pollard, Physical Plant
Bobbie Ranson, Physical Plant
Steven Richardson, Law Library
Paige Richmond, Human Resources
Katrina Robinson, Physical Plant
Lauren Rooney, Admissions, Recruitment & Orientation
Linda Russell, Public Safety Institute
Gary Segars, Information Technology Services
James Shine, Physical Plant
ArQuetta Shirley, Enrollment Services
Lisa Sikkink, University Libraries
Ryan Silverfield, Athletics
Aaron Smith, UM3D
Mary Smith, Business Information and Technology
Sammy Smith, Physical Plant
Felecia Smith Loving, Physical Plant
Jervon Stuart, Physical Plant
Autry Tate, Physical Plant
Barbara Taylor, Physical Plant
Rubystein Upchurch, Physical Plant
Walter Wallace, Residence Life
Barbara Ware, Police Services
Angela Wheeler-Lester, Human Resources
Laurie Whiteside, Payroll
Iesha Williams, University Libraries
Lauren Williams, Research & Innovation
Kelvin Wilson, Residence Life
Danesha Winfrey, College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Kimberly Womack, Fogelman College of Business & Economics
Jacoby Wright, Police Services
Ladarrius Young, Police Services
Kenneth Zelaya, Physical Plant