Award Recipients Archive

Excellence Awards

Award Year Recipient
Presidential Excellence Award

2016 Tony Poteet, Campus Planning & Design
Jeannie Smith, Finance
2017 Dr. Timothy Hnat, Center for Excellence MD2K
2018 Pam Cash, External Relations
TIAA Excellence Award  2016 Jan Brownlee, Academic Affairs
Colis Chambers, Student Affairs
Candy Donald, Lambuth/Academic Affairs
Angela Fair, Research
Maddie Griffith, External Relations
Walter Hoehn, Information Technology Services
Kristan Kelly, Athletics
Russell Teague, Business & Finance
Corina Walker, Development
2017 Mary Earhart-Brown, Research
Kristil Davis, Business & Finance
Mary Ann Dawson, President's Units
Kimberly House, Athletics
Ralph Koroly, Information Technology Services
Julia Rhodes, Student Affairs
Karen Smith, Academic Affairs
Monique Udell, External Relations
LaGerra Williams, Development
2018 Sammie Ballard, Operations & Facilities
Cody Behles, Research & Innovation
Yolanda Hawkins, Information Technology Services
Robynn Hopkins, Business & Finance
Marcallina James, Student Affairs
Tarit Lim, President's Units
Adam Mendez, Athletics
Kyle Nixon, Academic Affairs
Daniel Vacanti, Development
Zoe Vu, External Relations
 Community Service Outreach Award 2016 Bill Harbin, Campus Planning & Design
  2017 Iliana Ricelli, Human Resources
  2018 Lauren Williams, Research and Innovation


Harriet R. Montgomery Customer Service Excellence Award

Month/Year Division Recipient
July 2016 Business & Finance Ilene Hogan, Bursar's Office
August 2016 Academic Affairs Janis Lamar, Economics
September 2016 Student Affairs Kiara Jones, Conference and Event Services
October 2016 Academic Affairs Betty Wiley, Sociology
November 2016 Business & Finance William Harbin, Campus Planning & Design
December 2016 Athletics Melissa Norris, Men's Basketball
January 2017 Academic Affairs Joseph Biggers, Center for Excellence M2DK
February 2017 Information Technology Services James Hudson, ITS Desktop Support
March 2017 Business & Finance Ed Antoniak, Procurement & Contract Services
April 2017 Academic Affairs Dale Williams, English
May 2017 President's Units, External Relations,
Research, & Development
Latosha Dexter, Office of Legal Counsel
June 2017 Academic Affairs Jessica Kelso, College of Arts and Sciences
July 2017 Business & Finance Brenda Butler, Bursar's Office
August 2017 Academic Affairs Kathy Johnson, Space Planning
September 2017 Student Affairs Jessie Dickert, Student Leadership
October 2017 Academic Affairs Patsy Krech, College of Arts & Sciences
November 2017 Business & Finance Haneefah Holden-Muhammad, Human Resources
December 2017 Athletics Robynn Hopkins, Athletic Business Office
January 2018 Academic Affairs Isaiah Surbrook, Herff College of
February 2018 Information Technology Services Yolanda Hawkins, ITS Desktop Support
March 2018 Business & Finance Susan Boyce, Financial Planning
April 2018 Academic Affairs Tricia Simmons, Mathematics
May 2018 President's Units, External Relations,
Research, & Development
John Michael Ryall, Office of Legal Counsel
June 2018 Academic Affairs Gregory Woods, University Libraries
July 2018 Operations & Facilities Amelia Cole, Campus Planning & Design
August 2018 Academic Affairs Connie Diffee, Philosophy
September 2018 Student Affairs Marta Lopez-Flohr, Career Services
October 2018 Academic Affairs Lisa Warmath, UofM Lambuth Campus
November 2018 Business & Finance Danny Linton, Human Resources
December 2018 Academic Affairs Abby Gardner, School of Law
January 2019 Operations & Facilities James Stanley, Physical Plant
February 2019 Information Technology Services Pat Prahalathan, Web and Mobile Services
March 2019 Academic Affairs Renee Cogar, Institute for Intelligent Systems
April 2019 President's Units, External Relations,
Research & Innovation, & Development
Holly Snyder, Marketing & Communications
May 2019 Academic Affairs Paulette Wilkerson, Anthropology
June 2019 Athletics Marc Hohorst, Athletics Equipment
July 2019 Operations & Facilities Bobbie Griffin, Physical Plant
August 2019 Academic Affairs/Student Academic Success Courtney Brafford, UofM Global
September 2019 Information Technology Services Rachael Cottam, Desktop Support Services
October 2019 Academic Affairs/Student Academic Success Bridgette Decent, Institutional Research
November 2019 Business & Finance Courtney Dickinson, Campus Planning & Design
December 2019 Academic Affairs/Student Academic Success Victoria Tardugno, College of Arts & Sciences
January 2020 Business & Finance Melissa Ramage, Business & Finance Support
February 2020 Academic Affairs/Student Academic Success Shahin Samiei, Center for Excellence M2DK
March 2020 President's Units, External Relations,
Research & Innovation, & Advancement
Jazmine Phillips, Marketing & Communications
April 2020 Academic Affairs/Student Academic Success Dr. Rebecca Scott, Campus School
May 2020 Athletics Tammy DeGroff, Athletics Media
June 2020 Academic Affairs/Student Academic Success Alison Brown, Office of the Dean of Students
July 2020 Business & Finance Shanna Savell, Auxiliary & Financial Operations
August 2020 Academic Affairs/Student Academic Success Kelsey Ryan, Fraternity & Sorority Life
September 2020 Information Technology Services Tony Pearson, Desktop Support Services
October 2020 Academic Affairs/Student Academic Success Ora Taylor-Strowder,
Office of the Vice President of Student Academic Success
November 2020 Business & Finance Vanessa Wright, Physical Plant