Undergraduate ABA Minor

ICL offers a 100% online minor (18 hours) for Undergraduate students in Applied Behavior Analysis. This accelerated minor prepares students to apply for certification as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). This minor pairs well with majors in Teaching All Learners, Psychology, Social Work, and Child Development, as well as other majors that work with children and adults with autism, behavior delays, or social communication delays.

About the ABA Minor

The ABA program offers an accelerated online undergraduate course sequence for students and professionals with an interest in effective intervention for children with autism, behavior delays, or social communication delays or for those interested in becoming a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). An RBT is a designation that can be obtained with a high school degree, appropriate coursework, and successful completion of a competency assessment. Most RBTs work under the supervision and guidance of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

The coursework meets the standards set forth by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) for the RBT ​certification. Core classes MUST be taken in the ORDER listed below and completed within 1 academic year, or 180 days from start to finish, per BACB. Cohorts start each fall and again in spring.

Importantly – this sequence does not lead towards becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, BCBA. The BCBA credential is a graduate level certification. UofM offers the BCBA coursework at both the masters and doctoral level. Acquiring the minor in ABA is a great start towards a career in ABA.

Fall Cohort (Core Classes)

  • SPED 4111 - Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis - Fall 1st Term 
  • SPED 4113 - Applied Behavioral Intervention/Strategies - Fall 2nd Term
  • SPED 4112 - Assessment/Measurement Applied Behavior Analysis - Spring 1st Term
  • SPED 4114 - Practitioner Issues/ABA - Spring 1st Term

Spring Cohort (Core Classes)

  • SPED 4111 - Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis - Spring 1st Term
  • SPED 4113 - Applied Behavioral Intervention/Strategies - Spring 2nd Term
  • SPED 4112 - Assessment/Measurement Applied Behavior Analysis - Summer 1st Term
  • SPED 4114 - Practitioner Issues/ABA - Summer 1st Term


Both the Fall and Spring cohorts are required to take 2 elective courses. These courses may be taken at any time during their undergraduate career. Two electives may be chosen out of the following courses:

  • SPED 2000 - Foundation/Exceptional Learn Credit Hours: (3)
  • SPED 3201 - Behv Supt Stdnt Diverse Set Credit Hours: (3)
  • SPED 4900 - Consultation Schl/Fmly/Cmty Credit Hours: (3)

Note: Other classes can be substituted with prior approval for electives if the student is unable to get 2 out of the 3 electives.