Elementary Education

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Welcome to the Elementary Education Program at the University of Memphis. We are a part of the Instruction and Curriculum Leadership Department in the College of Education. Below is current information about our programs and the degrees (licensure and graduate) we offer in Elementary Education.

The Elementary Education Program supports the overall mission of The University of Memphis and The College of Education by supporting the College's Vision and Mission Statement.


Driven by a commitment to diversity, social justice and equity, the College of Education is a premier educational organization that engages in innovative and impactful research, teaching and service.


The College of Education builds on a foundation of success in research, teaching and service by:

  • fostering depth and breadth of knowledge
  • conducting relevant and innovative research
  • developing culturally competent leaders and practitioners
  • collaborating with and providing services to diverse local, national and international partners to address real-world problems of practice  
  • advancing an environment where diversity, social justice and equity are paramount.

The Teaching All Learners (TALN) major contains three parts. First, the General Education component contains introductory level courses in the liberal arts and sciences. Second, the Professional Education courses are essential for teacher all grade levels general curriculum. Third, the Special Education component contains advanced courses and experiences that lead to specialized professional knowledge unique to teaching students with disabilities. The TALN Program leads to dual licensure in Special Education Interventionist (K-8) OR Interventionist (6-12) AND an Elementary Education (K-5) classroom.

  • Major: Teaching All Learners (TALN Program)  - see catalog
  • Concentration/Focus: Elementary Education (K-5) and Special Education Interventionist (K-8 or 6-12)
  • Degree: BSEd
  • License: Elementary Education (K-5) and Interventionist (K-8) OR Interventionist (6-12)
  • Forms: Degree Sheet

This course of study leads to initial certification in Elementary Education (K-5). The program provides students with the specific professional education knowledge and skills necessary for teachers of young children, kindergarten through grade six. The program includes coursework in child development, learning theory, social foundations of education and teaching methods. Many courses have extensive fieldwork and are frequently taught at public school sites. The degree program is designed to prepare students to meet competencies for Tennessee licensure. Upon completion of all degree requirements, including student teaching, and all testing (PRAXIS) requirements, students may apply for initial teacher licensure in Tennessee.

  • Major: Instruction and Curriculum Leadership
  • Concentration: Elementary Education
  • Degree: MAT
  • License: 499 Elementary Education K-5
  • Forms: Degree Sheet