Secondary Education (MAT)

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Major: Instruction and Curriculum Leadership

Concentration: Secondary Education

Degree: MAT

Forms: Online Degree Sheet

This course of study leads to initial certification in Secondary Education (6-12). The program prepares students to educate adolescents in a group setting. The program includes coursework in adolescent development, learning theory, social foundations of education and teaching methods. Field hours are associated with this program. The degree program is designed to prepare students to meet competencies for Tennessee licensure. Upon completion of all degree requirements, including student teaching, and all testing (PRAXIS) requirements, students may apply for initial teacher licensure in Tennessee.

It is assumed that those choosing this program will be in possession of at least a baccalaureate degree in a content area (i.e., English, mathematics, history, biology, etc.). A list of secondary licensure areas can be obtained on the Program Introduction page. If a student is not in possession of at least a baccalaureate in the content area for which he/she desires initial licensure, a transcript analysis, indicating content course deficiencies, will be performed and provided to the student as additional requirements.