Integrative Studies (BSEd)

Major: Integrative Studies

Concentration: Secondary Mathematics Education (grades 6-12)

Degree: BSEd

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At the University of Memphis we take mathematics education seriously.  Our course work is designed for students who want to teach mathematics in urban environments.  We carefully craft our course work for mathematics teachers in grades 6 through 12 in conjunction with the department of Mathematical Sciences.

Join us if you want to learn how to teach students mathematical concepts as well as procedures.  Our classes in secondary mathematics education are closely aligned with constructivist theories of learning, we believe that students learn by actively doing mathematics instead watching mathematics.  As our students learn how to teach mathematics they learn that context matters—mathematics is not a neutral subject it is culturally based.

We are dedicated to preparing diverse mathematics educators to serve diverse, historically marginalized populations.  We do this by teaching our secondary mathematics teacher candidates about cultural identities and histories; focusing on social justice and equity; and carefully linking theory and practice.  With built in support from our mathematics education faculty, the program goals are realized via careful, deliberate placements with successful mentor teachers serving high needs students.

Join us to make a difference in OUR COMMUNITY.