School Library Information Specialist Graduate Certificate

The program of study for a graduate certificate for School Library Information Specialist (SLIS) is offered 100% online. The purpose of the Graduate Certificate for SLIS is to provide practical training to individuals who are presently teaching or are interested in obtaining teacher licensure with a specialization as a School Library Information Specialist.

Program Admission

Students wanting to earn the Graduate Certificate for School Library Information Specialists must have an earned Master's degree and apply to be accepted in this graduate certificate program. Applicants must also hold a current teaching license or be in the process of obtaining teacher licensure. The courses may be completed as part of a degree program with the SLIS program coordinator and graduate advisor's approval.

To be admitted students should apply to the Graduate School as a Master's Degree seeking applicant. Under 'Planned Course of Study' the student should select 'School Library Info Specialists CERT'.

Program Requirements

A total of twenty-one (21) credit hours are required to complete this program.
1. ICL 7730 - Foundations of Librarianship, 3 credits
2. ICL 7731 - Introduction to Bibliography, 3 credits
3. ICL 7301 - Literature in the PreK-12 School, 3 credits
4. ICL 7132 - Cataloguing and Classification, 3 credits
5. ICL 7133 - School Library Administration, 3 credits
6. ICL 7134 - Internet in the School Library, 3 credits
7. ICL 7800 - Advanced Clinical Practicum for SLIS, 3-6 credits

Graduation Requirements

1. The student must complete all seven required courses with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.25 or higher, for a total of 21 credit hours.
2. In the semester of the advanced clinical practicum, the student must submit a Graduate Certificate Candidacy form to the COE Graduate Analyst in Ball Hall 215 (3798 Walker Ave., Memphis, TN 38152) by the deadline specified by the Graduate School.

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