Teaching All Learners (BSEd)

Major: Teaching All Learners (TALN Program)  - see catalog

Concentration/Focus: Elementary Education (K-5) and Special Education Interventionist (K-8 or 6-12)

Degree: BSEd

License: Elementary Education (K-5) and Interventionist (K-8) OR Interventionist (6-12)

Forms: Degree Sheet

The Teaching All Learners (TALN) major contains three parts. First, the General Education component contains introductory level courses in the liberal arts and sciences. Second, the Professional Education courses are essential for teacher all grade levels general curriculum. Third, the Special Education component contains advanced courses and experiences that lead to specialized professional knowledge unique to teaching students with disabilities. The TALN Program leads to dual licensure in Special Education Interventionist (K-8) OR Interventionist (6-12) AND an Elementary Education (K-5) classroom.