Special Education (MAT)

Major: Instruction and Curriculum Leadership

Concentration: Special Education

Degree: MAT


  • 459 Special Education PreK-3
  • 144 Interventionist K-8 (Online option)
  • 145 Interventionist 6-12 (Online option)
  • 461 Special Education Comprehensive

Forms: Degree sheet

This course of study leads to initial certification for Special Education in one of the following areas:

  • Early Childhood: Teachers are licensed to teach infants and young children from birth through age 6. Programs may be delivered in the children's homes or in special or integrated preschool environments.

  • Interventionist K-8 and Interventionist 6-12 (Formerly known as Modified): Teachers are licensed to teach students with mild disabilities. Such students have traditionally been served in resource rooms for some part of their education. Currently, most of these children are taught in inclusive settings in the general education classroom. NOTE: This program can be taken completely online. There are also courses taught on campus with online support for students who prefer not to take it online.

  • Comprehensive: Teachers are licensed to teach students with moderate, severe, and profound disabilities. Such students have traditionally been served in full-time special classes.

The program includes course work in students with special needs as well as best practice in evidenced based methodologies. In addition, courses in consultation and collaboration, computer technology, assessment, behavior management, inclusion, and trends and issues in Special Education are offered. The degree program is designed to prepare students to meet competencies for Tennessee licensure. Upon completion of all degree requirements, including student teaching, and all testing (PRAXIS) requirements, students may apply for initial teacher licensure in Tennessee