Youth Development Concentration

Photos of youth at literacy training, collaborating and at National Civil Rights Museum

The Youth Development Undergraduate Concentration is part of the Integrative Studies Major in the Department of Instruction and Curriculum Leadership>.

The Integrative Studies: Youth Development Undergraduate concentration (Bachelor of Science in Education) is an authentic, cutting-edge program designed collaboratively with the COE's non-profit partners.

This non-licensure program will provide students who are interested in serving in non-profits and educational support structures with a dedicated course of study, practicum, internship and a path to a career.

Students in the Integrative Studies: Youth Development concentration will take specialized courses focused on diversity, equity and inclusion and gain real-world experience to work with youth in non-school settings.

The Youth Development concentration was designed in collaboration with local Memphis non-profits to impact youth in the Memphis community by providing a knowledgeable, equity-minded, skilled workforce.

This concentration also gives COE students opportunities to work in organizations beyond schools.

Other benefits include:

  • Cohort-style model
  • Internships and Practicums providing real-world work experience
  • Courses focused on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Relationships with non-profits
  • Learning to work as an advocate and positively impact children and youth in the city of Memphis

The Youth Development concentration offers innovative, newly designed courses focused on promoting equity while serving youth. Some of these courses include:

  • ICL 3004 - Positive Youth Development
  • ICL 3005 - Youth Development & Contemporary Issues
  • ICL 3006 - Diversity, Cultural Competency & Equity
  • ICL 3007 - Youth Cultures and Identities
  • ICL 3008 - Youth Policies, Legal & Ethical Knowledge
  • ICL 4009 - Youth Development Program Planning, Implementation & Evaluation
  • ICL 4010 - Advocacy for/with Youth in Societies, Systems & Communities
  • ICL 4011 - Leadership in Youth Programs


Apply as an undergraduate student> and choose Integrative Studies: Youth Development as your major.

Current UofM students may change their major to Integrative Studies: Youth Development beginning fall 2021.


Email us at education@memphis.edu to learn more.