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Course Rotations for students admitted in Summer 2016 - Spring 2017

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IDT 3600 - Technology in Education (3).
 Integration of varied uses of technology into classroom learning environments while increasing students' technological knowledge and skills; word processing, spreadsheets, authoring; Internet tools and resources, presentation, communication, collaboration.

IDT 7052 / 8052 - Introduction to Instructional Design and Technology (3).
 Broad overview of the field of instructional design and technology including: history, philosophy, critical issues of the field, foundations and applications of instructional technology, and associated areas of research.

IDT 7060 / 8060 - Application of the Instructional Design Process (3).
 Focuses on design and development of media to support learning in healthcare, corporate, military, and educational settings. Students will create products to solve instructional problems using various technologies.

IDT 7061 / 8061 - Instructional Design and Educational Technology (3).
 Implementation of common classroom productivity tools to support teaching and learning; survey of Web and mobile apps that promote thinking and creativity; design and development of lesson plans that integrate technology and 21st century skills to promote learning.
* Includes opportunities to earn badges from the EdTech Badges program.

IDT 7062 / 8062 - Teaching, Learning, and Technology (3).
 Enhancing teaching and learning through the use of Web 2.0 tools and social media; promoting student learning through these technologies in combination with the Teaching for Understanding framework and Visible Thinking routines; supporting teachers' self-directed professional development through professional learning networks. Prerequisite: IDT 7061.
* Includes opportunities to earn badges from the EdTech Badges program.

IDT 7063 / 8063 - Models and Innovations of Educational Technology (3).
 Supporting learning through mobile devices; designing learning opportunities that use emerging educational technologies and instructional approaches; facilitating Making Thinking Visible with Technology. 

* Includes opportunities to earn badges from the EdTech Badges program.

IDT 7064 / 8064 - Educational Technology and Instructional Development (3).
 Survey of emerging technologies used for developing multimedia; implementation of needs assessment, development of instruction and supporting multimedia to address the indicated instructional needs. Prerequisite: IDT 7063.
* Includes opportunities to earn badges from the EdTech Badges program.

IDT 7070 / 8070 - Instructional Design Process I (3).
 Applies the instructional design process to conduct a needs assessment that supports the creation of self-paced instructional units addressing performance and learning problems for PK-12 education, business, health care, and related learning environments.

IDT 7071 / 8071 - Principles and Application of Instructional Design (3).
 Application of instructional design principles to solve performance and instructional problems in educational and non-educational environments.

IDT 7072 / 8072 - Seminar in Online Instruction (3).
 This course is about designing effective online instruction. This includes applying the principles of instructional design to online learning environments. Students will learn about best practices and research findings about online teaching and learning. [May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.]

IDT 7073 / 8073 - Seminar in Computer Based Learning Environments (3).
 Applying instructional design principles to develop of computer-based learning environments. Beginning and intermediate students work together. Course covers beginning content when taken first. Prerequisite: IDT 7070/8070 or permission of the instructor.

 [May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours for advanced content.]

IDT 7074/ 8074 - Theories and Models of Instructional Design (3).
 A critical examination of instructional design theories from the perspective of supporting research and application.

IDT 7075/ 8075 - Instructional/Performance Consulting (3).
 Learning how to be an instructional and performance consultant. Applying procedural and interpersonal skills when working with clients to design, develop, and evaluate learning and performance environments. Prerequisite: IDT 7070/8080.

IDT 7076 / 8076 - Seminar in Workshop Design (3).
 Technical and theoretical principles for developing effective seminars and workshops. Design, preparation, and implementation skills are developed for effective adult learning environments. Prerequisites: IDT 7070-8070 and research or statistics course.


IDT 7078 / 8078 - Seminar in Instructional Design and Technology (3).
 Professional and research problems in instructional strategies, design, and technology. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

 [May be repeated once with a change in topic.]

IDT 7080 / 8080 - Instructional Design Process II (3).
 Prepares students to understand and apply instructional design principles to evaluate instructional materials that are designed to solve performance and learning problems. Applies the instructional design process to implement and evaluate an instructional unit.

 Prerequisite: IDT 7070/8070.

IDT 7090 / 8090 - Developing Interactive Learning Environments I (3).
 Students use instructional design principles and models to develop interactive learning environments. Students learn current development tools to create effective, efficient, and appealing learning environments. Prerequisite: IDT 7070/8070.

 [May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours for advanced content.]

IDT 7095 / 8095 - Developing Interactive Learning Environments II (3).
 Teams of students use instructional design principles to design and develop instruction, emphasizing advanced development skills with current technologies. Students partner with real clients, define project goals and timelines, manage instructional design projects, and document the instructional design process. Prerequisite: IDT 7080/8080 and IDT 7090/8090.

IDT 8091 - Directed Readings in IDT (1-3).
 Individually directed readings which culminate in the synthesis of a student's ideas. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Grades of S, U, or I will be given.

 [May be repeated with change in topic for a maximum of 9 credit hours.]

IDT 8092 - Research in IDT (1-6).
 The student engages in collaborative research with faculty. Activities include planning, design, management, analysis, and reporting of research. Prerequisite: Minimum of 12 credit hours in IDT and permission of the instructor.

 [May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credit hours.]

IDT 7230 / 8230 - Instructional Text Design (3).
 Introduction to application and techniques of producing and processing instructional text and images. Prerequisite: IDT 7070/8070, 7090/8090, or permission of instructor.

IDT 8500 - Evaluation and Synthesis of IDT Research (3).
 Students will critique academic research findings and synthesize research findings into an original, coherent and structured document. Prerequisite: EDPR 7521 or equivalent.

 [May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.]

IDT 8600 - Seminar in IDT Research (1-3).
 Contemporary research trends and issues in the field of instructional design and technology. [May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.


IDT 7810 / 8810 - Practicum in Instructional Design and Technology (3-9).
 Planned, supervised experience in an instructional setting appropriate to student's specialization area of instructional design and technology. The student will have the opportunity to synthesize knowledge and skills and demonstrate professional competencies in educational or training settings. Prerequisites: IDT 7070/8070 and 3 additional hours of IDT graduate coursework. Grades of S, U, or I will be given.