Graduate Certificate in IDT: Human Computer Interaction

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  • 4 courses 
  • Complete in 2 semesters
  • Begin during Spring or Fall Semesters
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Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in Human Computer Interaction fuses the science of effective design and usability with software development, artificial intelligence, and ethics. This allows learners to better explore the cognitive processes of technology use through the design, development, and evaluation of various learning systems.  

This program prepares professionals for the following careers:

  • Learning Engineer
  • Multimedia Developer
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • Performance Support Specialist
  • Evaluation Specialist

This hybrid (online and in-person) certificate program consists of 4 courses (12-credit hours) that can be completed in two semesters! 

Program of Study

Course Title
IDT 7070 Instructional Design Process I
IDT 7080 Learning Experience Design
COMP 7517/8517 Human/Computer Interaction

One elective chosen from the following courses or a course substitution with approval of instructor:

Course Title
COMP 7012 Foundations of Software Engineering
COMP 7720  Artificial Intelligence
COMP 7900  Cyber Ethics
PSYCH 7222 Psychology of Human Memory

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