Budget Narrative

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Support ($1750)

One undergraduate and one graduate student will be hired to support the research team and advisory board in supporting the groups' goals for this academic year. Specifically, the two students will be responsible for: collating mentorship resources and further develop the mentorship website to host these resources; coordinating and facilitating meetings via Zoom; coordinating a mentorship survey distributed to UofM women+ faculty, researchers, staff and students; helping promote the spring conference; coordinating outreach to departments/colleges/campus organizations; and conducting ethnographic interviews with academics who have started mentorship networks at other institutions to generate best practices. 

Students will be paid $15 per hour, allowing for approximately 62.5 hours of work per student, for a total of $1750 for each student. Mentorship support gift cards ($250) Twenty-five selected mentors will be paired with a single mentee. These two $5 gift cards are intended to support virtual "coffee" meetings between mentor-mentee pairs. Attendance door prize gift cards for conference attendees ($250)

  • Mentorship resources: A Field Guide to Grad School
  • Gift cards to local coffee shops
  • Mentorship/coaching time with Leanne Powner
  • Honorarium for guest speaker for conference ($250)
  • An honorarium of $250 will be paid to the featured guest speaker for the April 2021 conference.
Table 1. Summary of budget items
Graduate student 875
Undergraduate student 875
Mentorship support gift cards 250
Door prizes 250
Honorarium 250
Total 2500