Timeline and Milestones

Note: ** indicates work to be done by hourly wage undergraduate and graduate students

Ongoing throughout academic year:

  • Work with program coordinators and department chairs to recruit membership
  • Plan virtual spring mentorship conference
  • Host monthly mentorship network meetings (see dates and topics in table below)
  • Pairs of incentivized mentors and mentees meet once a month for a minimum of one hour
  • Collate mentorship resources and post to website **
  • December 2020: Recruit mentors and mentees for 1-1 incentivized mentoring
  • Distribute pre-survey for mentors/mentees

December 2020 - January 2021

  • Distribute Qualtrics survey to collect data from UofM women+ members
  • Populate queryable database from Qualtrics survey results **
  • Conduct ethnographic interviews with academics who have created mentorship

February - April 2021:

  • Write journal manuscript - best practices mentorship network creation (students will be
    included as co-authors)**
  • Submit mid-project report

April 2021:

  • Host virtual conference (Date TBD)
  • Conduct end-of-project surveys and focus groups to assess perceptions of resources,
    events, and incentivized 1-1 mentoring **
  • Distribute post-survey for mentors-mentees
  • Submit final report to Division of Research and Innovation

Summer 2021

  • Submit proposal to external funder


Mentorship Network Meetings and Topics
Month & Date Topic
January 29 Academic Challenges in the Quarantine
February 12 Work-Life Balance
February 26 Time and Workflow Management
March 12 Writing Good Cover Letters
March 26 Tips for Publishing
April 8 Imposter Syndrome
April 22 MENtorship
May TBD Virtual mentorship conference