The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) supports faculty and students with innovative methods of developing, delivering, and demonstrating learning experiences.

Units and programs housed within the Center include Academic Advising and Degree Planning, Finish Line, Academic Internships, Experiential Learning, UM Online, Instructional Impact, Off-Campus Centers, Professional and Continuing Education, and Public Service.

Academic Advising and Degree Planning

Academic Advising helps students develop and achieve life, career, personal, and academic goals through a network of professional academic advisors, faculty advisors, and leaders in academic advising.

Finish Line Program

Finish Line assists students who previously attended the University of Memphis and have completed 90 or more credit hours, but have regrettably had to abandon their dreams of completing a college degree. Academic advisors work with students to evaluate previously earned credit, identify all possible routes to graduation, and explore low-cost course completion strategies.

Experiential Learning Credit Program

Rigorous professional and/or personal development occurs in settings outside the traditional classroom. This program grants Experiential Learning Credit (ELC) to both undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate the academic merit of such experiences, including worksite training, professional organization certification, military training, community volunteerism, and unique life.

Innovating with Technology

Innovation requires new ways of thinking and doing our work. Explore how software solutions are making a college degree easier to deliver.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is how we use modern innovations to provide learning to students both here and abroad. It also allows us to cater to students of all skill levels and ages.