Public Service Funding

The Office of Public Service makes the talent, knowledge, and resources of the University of Memphis available to the broader Memphis community by providing funding in support of exhibits, performances, conferences, seminars, and other educational activities. Public Service activities are generally considered to be those that convey knowledge or provide a service to the general public, elected officials, or employees of governmental agencies. It is our desire to spotlight activities that are exemplary of the best the University has to offer.

Those submitting requests for funding should, prior to submission, give thought to the following elements, which should be provided as a part of the request:

  • Specific use of the funds
  • Actual content of the program
  • Proposed budget

The funds may not be used in the support any of the following needs.

  • Traditional academic programs
  • Academic instruction
  • Academic research
  • Purchase of food, beverages, or related products or services

To submit your request please follow the link below. Please also submit fund requests at least one month prior to the event.

Please address any concerns regarding Public Service Funds to the following person.

Roy Bowery
Director of Distance Learning
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
800 Wilder Tower
Memphis, TN 38152