Business is Global.  Are you ready for this globalized world?

You've got the smarts and the drive. Now all you need is one more thing to launch your career. An MBA with an international focus (IMBA) from the Fogelman College of Business will get you noticed by all the top global corporations. And after they take notice, you'll be doing what you love in a challenging international business environment.

What should you expect from the International MBA program?

  • Business Competency
  • Cultural IQ
  • Global Mind set
You will gain these competencies through in class instruction, study abroad/internship abroad experience and the diverse cohort of students you will attend the program with. Such experiences are unique to a limited number of graduate programs across the nation.
The IMBA Program is tailored to assist students in meeting their goal of acquiring knowledge of international business, even if they do not have a traditional business background or a second language. The Program is open to graduates of business, foreign language, liberal arts, and other four-year bachelor’s degree programs.
The IMBA is a full time, 17 month program (including one summer session).  Students earn 36 graduate credit hours upon graduation.  Electives and expanded overseas experiences are available based on student interest.

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