Tuition & Fees

The International MBA Program at the Fogelman College of Business & Economics (FCBE) is exceptionally price competitive despite being a very unique program.
The program cost (36 credit hours) for in-state students is approximately $18,060 in tuition and graduate credit fees. For out-of-state students, the cost is approximately $36,207. In addition to the graduate school fee, students pay an annual program fee of $3,000 in the Fall semester they are admitted and $1,500 in the Fall semester of their second year.
There are a number of graduate assistantships available for deserving students which is awarded competitively. Students with a graduate assistantship do not need to pay FCBE tuition or graduate credit fees and are awarded a stipend of $6,000 annually. These benefits are available for each year the student is granted an assistantship.
All domestic students are expected to study abroad or complete an internship abroad at the end of their first academic year. The student will pay for the study abroad fee based on their destination. Students may apply for Study Abroad scholarships to help reduce these costs depending on scholarship availability.
For the most current information on tuition and fees, please visit The University of Memphis Tuition Calculator.
All U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents and qualifying non-citizens are eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid. A form, FAFSA, needs to be completed. For more information please contact The University of Memphis Financial Aid Office.