Zach Hoyt - Class of 2013

Spring 2012 Externship Program – Field Placement EEOC Hearings Unit. Summer 2012 Externship Program – Field Placement with U.S. Attorney's Office (W.D. TN)

"At the time I started my first externship, my idealistic view of the law that I had coming into school was on life support after three semesters of doctrinal classes focused on the technical interpretation and operation of the law. Getting out and working with real people and real problems in my externship reminded why I went to law school in the first place. Seeing how the law worked in practice also made the occasionally dry doctrinal subject much more interesting. Getting feedback from mentors was an invaluable aid in developing practical legal skills and gave me a chance to form relationships with future colleagues. Finally, the externship program helped me figure out what direction I wanted to focus my career on by exposing me to different areas of practice. I strongly encourage every student to take advantage of the externship program."

Jenna Dillier - Class of 2013

Summer 2012 Externship Program - Field Placement with U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge David S. Kennedy

"Participating in the Externship Program was a wonderful experience for me. I learned more than I could have ever hoped for. Not only was I able to see real legal issues in an authentic setting, but I gained a deeper understanding of the judicial decision-making process as well. It was a great feeling to be able to put my classroom knowledge to use outside the classroom. I now feel more comfortable about what to expect inside of a courtroom and believe this experience has bettered prepared me to become a practicing attorney.

Externing in the United States Bankruptcy Court was an enlightening experience which allowed me to learn more about the field of bankruptcy law. Without this experience I would not have been able to discover my interest in this area of the law. Judge Kennedy is an amazing judge, not to mention, a remarkable individual. Judge Kennedy freely shares his wisdom and offered a wonderful new perspective for me about the judicial decision-making process. I truly appreciated the time my supervisor devoted to teaching and mentoring. I highly recommend a judicial externship for students who want to learn more about the judicial decision-making process."

Deanna Windham

Administrative Law Judge, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Memphis District Office, Federal Sector Hearings Unit. Externship Field Placement Supervisor, Summer 2011 - Present

"Through this program, students provide valuable assistance to the administrative judges in performing their day-to-day tasks and duties, and in the process, help further the overall mission of the EEOC to stop and remedy unlawful workplace discrimination. This benefits not only the students and the EEOC but also provides a public service to the federal workforce in our district."

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