Guided by Professor Steve Shields, a Rule 31 Listed Mediator and Tennessee Supreme Court Approved Rule 31 Trainer, students in the Mediation Clinic will study mediation from the inside-out, analyzing in detail the communicative, strategic, and ethical dimensions of specific interventions that mediators make in the context of particular cases. \

The Clinic will primarily focus on the students as the mediators, but the students will also be asked to consider the issues from other points of view: as the disputant, as an attorney representing a client in mediation, and in the capacity of advising an organizational client about dispute resolution options. The Clinic will have four primary components: (1) the training that is required by Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 before one may become listed as a Rule 31 Mediator; (2) ongoing student observation of mediations conducted by Rule 31 Mediators in General Sessions Court cases, Federal Court cases, and EEOC administrative proceedings; (3) student participation as co-mediator with Rule 31 Mediators in Shelby County General Sessions Court cases; and (4) weekly classroom seminar and case rounds designed to give students further training and feedback throughout the course of the semester.

Faculty: Stephen Shields, Adjunct Professor of Law