Internships and Graduate Assistantships

The HIAD internship and assistantship resource site is designed for students earning degrees and certificates from the Department of Leadership - Higher and Adult Education. The internships and assistantships listed on the site are particularly suited for students in this field of study. This site was developed for the following HIAD majors and concentrations:

  • Master of Science in Leadership with a Leadership concentration
  • Master of Science in Leadership with a Student Personnel concentration
  • Doctor of Education in Leadership with a Higher Education concentration
  • Doctor of Education in Leadership with an Adult Education concentration
  • Community College Teaching and Leadership Certificate

Internships are required for the master's degree in Leadership with a concentration in Student Personnel and the Community College Teaching and Leadership Certificate. All HIAD programs may use an internship as an elective (consult your advisor).

Only degree seeking students are eligible for graduate assistantships and the paid internships. Additionally, Community College Teaching and Leadership Certificate students must do their internship at a public two-year community college.

Students are not limited to the programs listed on this site. Many of the listed programs are schools and offices we have worked with in the past where our students have had successful internship experiences. Your advisor can approve other internship sites. Online students not living in this region should consult your advisor for approval of an internship site in your area.

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For HIAD students planning an internship experience for credit, the following procedure is required. These steps must be completed prior to the official start of the semester.

Notify your advisor of your intent to participate in an internship.
Contact the proposed internship site (contact information is on the resource page).
Provide the site supervisor with a current resume.
Develop your goals and objectives for the internship experience.
Once the site supervisor has approved your request for an internship, contact Dr. Wilson for a permit.
Provide Dr. Wilson with your approved goals and objectives prior to the start of the semester (must be approved by your site advisor).
Refer to the internship syllabus (HAID 7060/8060) for more details.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants are usually selected well in advance of the start date. Each assistantship may have unique application procedures from the hosting department. It is recommended that you contact prospective assistantship sites as soon as possible to be a viable candidate.