Orientation to the Online Master's Program

Online Master's in Leadership

Orientation Guide to the Program

The following information is for those students who have been admitted into the online master's degree program in Leadership & Policy Studies with a concentration in Leadership. This program is designed for students planning careers in higher and adult education or community based agencies and will not meet the requirements for K-12 administrative licensure. 

Welcome to the online master’s program in Leadership. The faculty and staff of Higher and Adult Education are here to serve you and assist you in reaching your educational and career goals. This Online Orientation Guide is a resource tool for you to use throughout your program of studies. The Orientation Guide will serve as a gateway for getting started and will help you navigate your way to graduation.

Getting Started

Your first step is to meet (face-to-face or online) with your assigned advisor and continue to meet with her/him each semester. Upon acceptance to the program you were given the name of your assigned faculty advisor. The following link will take to the advising resource page and introduce you to your advisor. 


Each student is required to produce a portfolio prior to graduation. The portfolio addresses the learning competencies required for the program, and is a substantial body of work that you need to begin building with your first class. The portfolio is defended during the semester of planned graduation and is coordinated through your advisor. The following link will provide details of the portfolio including submission and defense dates and a sample portfolio.    

Online Program Technology Requirements

The online program requires students to be able to hold audio and video conferences with the faculty. This can be accomplished with a web cam (many computers have them built-in) and a communication resource such as SKYPE. The following link will give technical information necessary to use e-courseware and other UofM online resources.