Education Specialist (EDS)

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The post-master's degree programs of the College of Education require the candidate to have a clear professional goal and a commitment to scholarship, leadership, and excellence. To accomplish this, a close, continuous professional interaction among the candidate, faculty, and fellow students is an integral part of the program of study. The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) is an interdisciplinary degree designed to provide an individualized, flexible program of studies for the educator-practitioner in either a school or non-school setting, whose academic interests are aimed at specific career goals and needs.

Employment Opportunities

It offers opportunities for advanced professional specialization and includes a relevant culminating experience or a thesis. Studies may be coordinated in the departments of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Research; Instruction and Curriculum Leadership; and Leadership. A collaborative Ed.S. is offered with the Department of Psychology. Program objectives for the Ed.S.in the Department of Leadership are: (1) a strong knowledge base in a major area of study, research, cultural or psychological foundations, and a supportive area of study and (2) the development of skills and dispositions for leadership positions in educational organizations. Students achieving this degree could be employed as principals, assistant principals, superintendents, central office personnel, and supervisors, or as specialists in curriculum areas. They could also serve in an educational responsibility in a military, medical, business, governmental, or non-profit organizational setting.