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Higher and Adult Education

Program Overview

The Higher and Adult Education (HIAD) program at the University of Memphis includes a Master of Science program in Leadership and Policy Studies – Student Affairs Administration and a Doctorate of Education program with concentrations in either Higher Education or Adult Education. Classes for both programs are taught asynchronously online. All of our programs are taught be student-centered faculty who bring a wide range of academic expertise and professional experience to their classrooms.

Doctorate of Education (EdD) – Higher and Adult Education, concentrations in Higher Education or Adult Education

The Higher and Adult Education (HIAD) Doctoral Program is comprised of two areas of concentration: Higher Education and Adult Education. The Higher Education Concentration is designed for individuals seeking graduate-level preparation primarily for mid- and senior-level administrative positions in higher education institutions, or higher education-related agencies, boards, and commissions. The Adult Education Concentration is designed for individuals seeking leadership positions in education, health services, business, and in community and non-profit organizations. The Adult Education Concentration prepares professionals to teach and facilitate the development of adult learners and promote lifelong learning.  Dr. Edith Gnanadass is the Higher and Adult Education Program Coordinator 

One of the most exciting facets of the HIAD Program is its suitability for candidates from diverse professional and educational backgrounds. Students currently enrolled in the program have academic and professional backgrounds in the fields of Business, Education, Health, Law, Counseling, and Liberal Studies. Our graduates are currently serving as:

  • Community College Presidents
  • Higher Education Vice Presidents
  • Deans, Associate Deans, and Assistant Deans
  • Department Chairpersons
  • Faculty Members
  • Researchers
  • Student Affairs Administrators
  • Educational Program Directors
  • Health Services Administrators
  • Community Organization and Non-profit Directors
  • Human Resources Administrators

Master of Science in Leadership and Policy Studies – Student Affairs Administration

The concentration in Student Affairs Administration prepares individuals for careers in higher education and student affairs across areas such as academic advising, residential life, student leadership, multiculturalism, and program evaluation and assessment. Students complete 36 credit hours, including an internship requirement that provides direct experience working within student affairs. The program culminates in students developing a portfolio to demonstrate their learning across core competencies.

The program is an online, asynchronous program that can be completed as a part- or full-time student. Full-time employees at the University of Memphis or state of Tennessee are eligible for tuition remission to help fund graduate studies. The program also works with campus partners to publicize and fill a variety of assistantships on campus each year that provide support such as tuition remission and/or stipends. In the past, SAA students have held assistantships related to academic advising, disability services, career counseling, student athletics, and student leadership. Dr. Genia Bettencourt is the Student Affairs Administration Program Coordinator.