Doctorate of Education in Higher and Adult Education

Program Overview

The Doctorate of Education in Higher and Adult Education program at the University of Memphis includes Adult Education Doctorate programs that offer concentrations in Adult Education or Higher Education. Our EdD program can be completed fully online with no on-campus requirement. All our programs are taught by student-centered faculty who bring a wide variety of experience and expertise to their classrooms.

One of the most exciting facets of the HIAD Program is its suitability for candidates from diverse professional and educational backgrounds. Students currently enrolled in the program have academic and professional backgrounds in the fields of Business, Education, Health, Law, Counseling, and Liberal Studies.

Degree Concentrations

Higher Education Concentration

This online degree is designed for individuals seeking graduate-level preparation primarily for mid-level and senior-level administrative positions in higher education institutions, or higher education-related agencies, boards, and commissions.

Adult Education Concentration

Designed for individuals seeking leadership positions in education, health services, business, and in community and non-profit organizations. The Adult Education Concentration prepares professionals to teach and facilitate the development of adult learners and promote lifelong learning.

Required Courses

See attached Course Schedule for Adult Education Concentration

See attached Course Schedule for Higher Education Concentration

Application Process

NO GRE SCORES REQUIRED. The HIAD EdD program accepts applications for fall admittance only. Please have your application materials submitted to the graduate school no later than April 1 in order to be considered.

Please note: The Higher and Adult Education EdD program only admits students for fall semesters. Admission decisions are made in April of each year.

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Each applicant must submit a completed application packet to the Graduate School that includes:

  • A completed admissions application
  • (Graduate School Application) (Graduate School Readmit Application)
  • Official transcripts for all prior undergraduate and graduate courses

In addition, each applicant must submit the following as part of your graduate application:

  • One to two-page letter of intent that thoroughly explains your professional goals and how obtaining the degree/certificate will help you accomplish those goals.
  • Professional resume
  • Three letters of professional recommendation on letterhead
  • The admission decision will be based on a holistic profile that includes, but is not limited to, information contained in the completed application packet described above.