Wendy Griswold

Associate Professor; Director, Center for the Study of Higher Education

123 Ball Hall
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About Dr. Griswold 

Prior to her academic appointment, Dr. Griswold was a community education practitioner engaged in environmental, economic and social renewal. She began this work in 1994, helping local organizations address hazardous waste, community redevelopment, and environmental justice issues in a variety of communities (rural, urban, African-American, Native American, Latinx, low-income). She also administered an educational program that created environmental research resources and opportunities for students and faculty at tribal community colleges and developed international exchange programs for indigenous scholars at universities in Kansas and the Russian Federation.

Her foundation as a community education practitioner informs her current role as a community-engaged scholar. Her goal is to explore and contribute to the development of processes that build leadership capacity for addressing social, environmental and economic inequity and injustice. Currently, her research and teaching agenda encompasses participatory action research, education for sustainability, and contemplative education as frameworks for building leadership capacity for solving our current and future intractable problems.

The aim of Dr. Griswold's work is to help others appreciate the role of education and research in addressing contemporary societal issues. We are living in a time when knowledge, information, and the ability to make informed decisions about the environment, society and economics are necessary ingredients for developing and sustaining an engaged and effective citizenry. Educators will play an increasingly vital role in helping our citizens develop the capacity to study issues, understand the role individuals and communities can play in developing responses, and work effectively to include diverse voices in decision-making and problem-solving.


  • Ph.D. Adult Education, Kansas State University, 2007
  • M.S. Women's Studies, Minnesota State University, Mankato, 1994
  • B.A. Women's Studies, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 1991

Sample Publications

  • Griswold, W. (In Press). Learning to re-create the world: Adult education for environmental sustainability. In Alfred, M.V., Robinson, P.A., & Roumell, E.A. (Eds.), Advancing the global agenda for human rights, vulnerable populations and environmental sustainability: Adult education as strategic partner. The Adult Higher Education Alliance.
  • Griswold, W. (2019). Launching sustainability leadership: Long-term impacts on educational and career paths in undergraduate research experiences. Journal of College Science Teaching, 49(1) 19-23.
  • Griswold, W. (2017). Creating sustainable societies: Developing emerging professionals through transforming current mindsets. Studies in Continuing Education, 39(3), 286-302.
  • Erickson, L.E., Griswold, W., Maghirang, R.G. & Urbaszewski, B.P. (2017). Air quality, health and community action. Journal of Environmental Protection, 8(10), 1057-1074.
  • Dentith, A. & Griswold, W. (Eds.). (2017). Special Issue: Ecojustice adult education: Theory and practice. New directions for adult and continuing education, 153