Handbook Addendum

University of Memphis – Textbook Affordability & Accessibility

The faculty handbook (Chapter 5) states that,

When requesting student acquisition of course content resources (e.g. textbook, readings, online materials, etc.) it is imperative that faculty take into consideration a broad range of course content accessibility issues including, but not limited to, cost, format, platform, and availability.  Faculty are strongly encouraged to insure course content resources can be readily available for student use in a common area, such as the University Libraries' reserve rooms or electronic reserves system, with disability-related accessibility for all users at all times, on all devices.

Library Reserves

One way to make your textbooks available at no cost to students is to use the University Libraries' reserves. You can make print books or electronic materials available to your students at McWherter Library or the nearest branch library.

To place material on reserve in McWherter Library, follow the Faculty Reserves Guidelines or call x2205 for more information.

To place material on reserve in a branch library, please use the following contact information to learn more:

Open Textbooks

There are many resources for "open textbooks." Open textbooks are electronic books offered at no cost to instructors or students.  You may find they meet your curriculum needs. The following links are provided for your information; no endorsement by the university is implied or expressed. This list is not exhaustive.

Open Textbook Library
Hosted by University of Minnesota, with contributions from scholars at Purdue, Cal Poly, Oregon State, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Arizona, and others

OpenStax College
Peer-reviewed content published by Rice University

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (Merlot)
A collection of free and open online teaching, learning, and faculty development services, curated by California State University

Flat World Knowledge
Open textbooks by leading scholars that are customizable to match your course outline.

The Orange Grove
Open textbooks that have been reviewed by the University Press of Florida

Accessible Course Materials

When assigning course materials, keep in mind that students with disabilities may not be able to access certain types of materials.   If you are assigning materials that rely on innovative technology, please contact the office of Disability Resources for Students to make sure the materials are adaptable for students with disabilities.

Disability Resources for Students: x2880