Information Access Services


Collection Management orders and receives all library materials other than items designated as government publications. The Department also screens, evaluates, and processes all materials donated to the University Libraries (except some materials donated for Special Collections or the branch libraries). In addition, Collection Management maintains subscriptions to print and electronic periodicals and databases.

It is the practice of the University Libraries to extend to the university's teaching and research faculty opportunities to select for purchase, within annual budgetary limits, library materials that support their programs. The judgment of the scholarly worth of materials being considered for purchase is reserved for the teaching and research faculty. Judgment of the appropriateness of gift materials rests with the library faculty.

Each university program, school, or department maintains contact with Collection Management through a Departmental Representative, who works with a Library Liaison and the Collection Development Librarian. All requests for purchases of library materials should come through the Department Representative to indicate approval of the requesting program, school, or department. 

In the acquisition of library materials, the Collection Management department procures library materials which support the academic needs of the University from vendors capable of supplying in the shortest time possible materials which are of high quality and are competitively priced, and applies high standards of selection for all non-serial material donated to the UofM Libraries.

Library materials are defined for this department as books and non-book media which shall include but not necessarily be limited to maps, motion pictures or other materials for projection, audio and video recordings, computer software, and microformat media.

During the library’s fiscal year from July 1 to June 30, the department’s goal is to place orders against all budgeted funds and receive and pay for as much of the material as possible.  Firm orders and standing orders are placed, as appropriate to the material, to accomplish this goal.

Orders for non-periodical library material will be reflected in the Libraries' online catalog. Refer any questions regarding orders for library materials or gifts to the staff of the department, (901) 678-8234.

Decisions about database and journal subscriptions are made collaboratively by library faculty and research and teaching faculty; the library faculty have the final decision, however.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Contact Karen Brunsting, Acquisitions & Collection Development Librarian.